Big fiasco for the construction company, LC Building

Having been entrusted with the construction of a seaside residence for Princess Lalla Meryem, she finds herself entangled in a case of “breach of commitments”, defects in finish and acts of dishonesty having been noted.

In detail, Princess Lalla Meryem had decided to build a beach residence on a seaside area. And it was the LC Building company, headed by Mohamed Jamal Lahjouji, that Lalla Meryem trusted and entrusted with the execution of the project, given its respectable credentials.

Its managing director has to his credit achievements such as Kitea Géant in Tangier, the Onomo hotel in Casablanca and the Central School of Casablanca.

Despite all its references, LC Building has failed in all its commitments to build a residence in accordance with the rules of the art and the regulations in force. Since the start of the works, the company has multiplied the acts of dishonesty by building a house where defects of finish, poor workmanship and major non-conformities, make it unsuitable for habitation.

And it was the first rains Morocco experienced recently that laid bare this dishonesty:
The furniture and equipment of the residence have deteriorated, while the construction is brand new and of high standing.

While LC Building could have delivered a perfect home to Princess Lalla Meryem, and added this achievement to its list of references, it unfortunately resorted to unworthy practices, like other construction companies that deliver buildings approximate to their customers. The LC Building company thus delivered a house full of incomprehensible defects while extracting significant amounts and fees from the client.

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