Between CHAN and CAN Algeria shoots itself in the foot

With the organization of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) and the not too cavalier attitude of Algeria throughout this tournament, (refusal to receive the plane of the selection of Morocco, racist songs against Moroccans, in addition to politicizing this noble sport or at least using it for propaganda purposes other than sports …), the candidate for the organization of CAN 2025, got away, so to speak a bullet in the foot.

The announcement of the awarding of this event, to which, in addition to Algeria, a country which has failed in sports ethics, Zambia, Morocco, and the Nigeria-Benin pair, should only be made in March.

As a reminder, CAF had withdrawn the organization of this CAN 2025 from Guinea in October 2022, not having considered it sufficiently ready to take up such a challenge in terms of infrastructural sufficiency (accommodation, stadiums, transport, etc.) for host this African football event. Which is not the case of Algeria but which despite this and for all that should not be awarded CAN 2025.

Indeed, Algeria’s reception sampling during the last CHAN does not allow it to succeed in an event of a completely different scale and does not convince beyond measure, despite its infrastructural capacities. CAF and Africans do not want to be in a tendency of resentment or hatred towards anyone who devotes himself to the sport itself without using it.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), forced by circumstances, had of give up send your selection of premises, because of his impediment travel by the authorities in Algeria, a measure dictated by the Algerian authorities. And this, mdespite attempts at mediation by CAF President Patrice Motsepe and Gianni Infantinothe president of Fifa, with an Algerian presidency that is too rigid, offside and a bad loser at will.

These states of mind were little appreciated both within CAF and that of the many African federations that make it up. Algeria left feathers there in terms of its image and revealed itself to the eyes of the world.

Algeria’s little calculations to afford the CHAN it has run since its creation fell into the water, drowned in this by other Lions, those of Teranga, who struck down tender Fennecs during the final. All that for this! as the other would say. Indeed, despite the fact of disqualifying from a method other than “sporting” and on the ground and preventing the double title holder Morocco in this case, from participating in this tournament of the locals, the senile masters of the Algeria got it all wrong.

With their “desperado” attitude, they alienated Africa. This Africa to which the Kingdom praises noble intentions through WIN-WIN partnerships in all areas. And to stick only to that of sport, it would be useful to recall that FRMF has signed around fifty cooperation partnerships with African football bodies.

A lent for a return at the time of the votes because some have presidents who are members of the CAF Executive Committee who designate the country which will be responsible for hosting the CAN. It should be noted that South Africa withdrew its candidacy for the sole purpose of being able to vote and give its vote to whoever you know. Follow-other looks, non-voting candidates.

That said and for the anecdote, the misadventure of CHAN could very well be repeated with Algeria which is organizing, next spring (April 29 to May 19), the final phase of the African Cup of Nations under 17. years (CAN U17). Morocco is qualified there, and is in group B to face Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia and coincidentally the host city is… Constantine. It is not yet known if history will repeat itself.

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