Authorities to control food prices at vendors before and during Ramadan

In anticipation of the month of Ramadan, officials in different ministries are reassuring about the supply and stocks of basic food products, following a meeting of representatives from different sectors. Officials also announced monitoring operations among traders to avoid fraudulent price increases before and during the month of Ramadan.

In a period of sharp price increases, the representatives of the various departments and establishments (Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Commerce, Energy Transition, ONICL, ONP) met at the Ministry of the Interior to assess the situation of the markets and the offer, prices, for the month of Ramadan.

They affirmed to have secured supplies for the holy month, and undertook, in coordination with the operators of the sectors concerned, to continue monitoring and follow-up to prevent and remedy any shortage of supply that may be noted at the national or national level. territorial.

According to them, the national market should be supplied in a “sufficient and normal” way at the approach and during the month of Ramadan in various consumer products, in particular those which are in high demand, in particular fruits and vegetables, red meats and white, fish, dairy products, flour and cereal-based products and legumes, eggs, dates, oils and fats, sugar, tea and coffee, tomato concentrate and other processed agricultural products , as well as butane gas.

Amid concerns over price hikes for these products coinciding with the month of Ramadan, officials discussed this trend and decided to initiate vigilant price monitoring, noting other government actions in the aim of preserving the purchasing power of citizens and limiting the price increases of certain products which have experienced “relatively significant increases in recent months”.

These consumer products have increased mainly due to the evolution of the prices of raw materials and inputs and imported products and the effects of the drought which has impacted several production sectors, they explained.

Territorial measures will be taken and control will be carried out to actively fight against all speculative maneuvers and other prohibited or fraudulent practices, likely to increase prices unjustifiably and undermine purchasing power and consumer rights or public health and sanitation, officials said.

Instructions were given by the Minister of the Interior to the Walis and governors to mobilize all the actors and operators concerned and the various decentralized services and competent control services with a view to intensifying and strengthening monitoring and surveillance activities. wholesale and retail markets and rigorously apply regulatory measures against those responsible for offenses or illicit practices identified by the control commissions and services.

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