Arrest of an individual selling off-the-shelf drugs

An individual was arrested in possession of a large quantity of painkillers, anti-fever, anti-colds and anti-inflammatories, which he markets illegally, especially since the first product was originally of the murder of a famous footballer.

The Chambre Syndicale des Pharmaciens d’Officine de Fès, which broke the news, said in a statement that a police patrol arrested an individual in possession of a large quantity of drugs, while he was on his way to distribute them to grocery stores.

During his interrogation by the police, who opened a trial on the instructions of the public prosecutor, the individual in question confessed to the charges against him, adding that he had been in the habit of selling drugs for a certain time, said the same source.

Also, the individual gave the name of the pharmacist who provided him with medication from time to time, and who in turn was urgently summoned by the police who listened to his statements concerning this case, said the Chambre Syndicale, whose the president, Hassan Atich, attended the investigation and the interrogation as a plaintiff.

In addition, the Chambre Syndicale, which thanked the police services for their reactivity and their professionalism on this file which threatens the stability of the pharmacy and the health of the citizens, underlined that the profession of pharmacist in Morocco, can be practiced according to conditions, after having received the authorizations of the competent authorities according to the laws in force.

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