An improvement in prices expected before Ramadan

While the month of Ramadan is only a few weeks away, the rise in the price of basic necessities continues to cause controversy and is at the heart of the discussions of citizens concerned about their purchasing power. On the other hand, the Minister of Economy and Finance promised an improvement in prices before the arrival of the holy month.

Speaking to answer questions from advisers during the weekly oral questions session, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah Alami, recalled that this wave of inflation continues, particularly the rise in the prices of basic materials, is attributed to the pandemic crisis, the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the drought experienced by the Kingdom in recent years.

The minister affirmed that the skyrocketing of meat prices, which have seen an increase ranging from 10 to 15 dirhams, is the result of the drought, noting that the measures that have been taken this month will allow the import of 200,000 cows , an operation that will be exempt from the payment of VAT or customs duties in order to gradually return to the usual prices. For Fettah Alaoui, “this should make it possible to fill the existing shortage due to the effects of the drought and thus contribute to improving prices“.

With regard to the rise in tomato prices, the Minister linked it to climatic conditions leading to a shortage of production but assured that there is contacts on the part of the Department of Agriculture with the various stakeholders. We believe that there will be an improvement in prices before the month of Ramadan“.

She also said, regarding the supply of basic foodstuffs during the month of Ramadan that “all the indicators show that the markets are supplied in a normal way, which is important, especially as we are on the eve of the month of Ramadan“. In this sense, she took the opportunity to recall that food sovereignty is one of the government’s priorities.

Recall that the representatives of the various departments and establishments concerned (Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Industry and Commerce, Energy Transition, ONICL, ONP) held a meeting on Tuesday at the Ministry of the Interior to take stock of the supply situation. of the markets, the evolution of the prices of the basic products and the measures undertaken to be taken to guarantee the availability of the provisions at the level of the various regions of the Kingdom.

To this end, they assured that all necessary measures have been taken to strengthen the supply and stocks of basic products and secure the supply of markets during the month of Ramadan. Efforts have also been made, in coordination with the operators of the various sectors, with a view to maintaining monitoring and monitoring to prevent and remedy any shortfall in supply that may be noted at national or territorial level.

In addition to monitoring the proper functioning of the markets, the aim of the participants in the meeting, as was affirmed, is to preserve the purchasing power of citizens, to limit the price increases of certain essential products and to ensure that the rights of consumers or public health and safety.

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