Air pollution increases the risk of depression

Study: Air pollution increases the risk of depression

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed that exposure to air pollutants increases the risk of suffering from depression or anxiety, even at levels of exposure considered low.

The results of this study, published in the journal “Jama Psychiatry”, show that the lungs are not the only organs affected and respiratory diseases are not the only diseases to which the many people breathing polluted air are exposed.

Air pollutants also have negative effects on the brain and being exposed to them is a risk factor for mental illnesses, it is further emphasized.

Estimated long-term exposure to several air pollutants was associated with a greater risk of depression and anxiety and this risk is not dose-dependent (dose-dependent), the researchers specify, noting that it does not does not necessarily need a large amount to increase the risk.

It should be noted that the atmospheric pollutants studied come mainly from coal and natural gas power plants, the combustion of fuel from cars and thermal trucks, construction sites and forest fires.

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