A model for many countries to follow

Launched in 2017 by the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR), the 11th edition of the program “ Mousalaha (Reconciliation), was closed this Friday, February 24 to celebrate its eleventh edition. An initiative that aims to reconcile prisoners against a background of terrorism, and rid them of extremist and radical ideas, in order to integrate them into society.

On the occasion of this 11th edition, 20 detainees for extremism and terrorism, including two women, benefited from the training of the program “ Mousalaha », for a period of two and a half months. During the training, the twenty detainees benefited from 200 hours of sessions with actors specialized in the fields of religion, justice, human rights and psychology.

The training ended with debates among beneficiary inmates to showcase their skills in dismantling extremist religious discourse, simulating extremist opinion that incites terrorism, and then dismantling it, based on Quranic verses and prophetic hadiths.

On this occasion, Moulay Driss Aguelmam, director of socio-cultural action and the reintegration of detainees within the DGAPR, considered that the program “ Mousalaha has gained prominence among rehab programs for the reintegration of radical inmates, especially as it is directed against inmates in the context of anti-terrorism law.

The Reconciliation program complies with the principles of international and national pacts which recommend the development of rehabilitation programs for the benefit of these detainees, in addition to the national strategy in the field of the fight against extremism and terrorism. “, he explained.

During the closing ceremony of the eleventh edition of the program ” Mousalaha », several testimonies of beneficiaries of the program were presented, showing how the program has enabled them to emerge from the darkness of extremism and terrorism.

Thus, the program of Mousalaha, which also aims to reconcile prisoners detained against a backdrop of issues of extremism and terrorism with society, and with the laws that govern it, and that express their desire to participate in it. Until the 11th edition, the number of participants reached 259 male and female prisoners, of whom 61.72% received a Royal Pardon.

Immediately after the closing of the 11th edition of the program “ Mousalaha », the twelfth edition has been launched, and will once again benefit twenty inmates. According to Driss Aguelman, the program’s reputation transcends local borders and resonates globally, “even becoming a model in a group of countries “, he underlined.

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