73% of banked Moroccans use an online service

An average of 73% of banked Moroccans use at least one online service from their bank, according to a study by the Sunergia Group.

This figure corresponds to the world average, according to a report published by Deloitte in 2018, indicates this study entitled “Online services of banks in Morocco: what rate of satisfaction? “.

According to the results of this study based on a comparative analysis of two surveys carried out respectively in 2020 and 2022, the level of customer satisfaction with online banks, whether they are online or not, is estimated to be “good “.

This satisfaction is mainly due to the improvement of online banking services offered to customers, explains the same source.

In 2022, payment execution operations are growing. Bank Al Maghrib predicts that mobile wallet users will increase from 0.4 million in 2019 to 6 million by 2024, with a total number of 1.3 billion transactions.

In terms of digitalization, BMCE Bank (currently Bank of Africa) is ranked first with an online service satisfaction rate of 98%, and more than three quarters (84%) of users say they are “very satisfied”.

“This high satisfaction rate is not surprising, given that in February 2018, Bank Of Africa won the Bronze Trophy in the ‘Best Integral Phygital Campaign’ category for its ‘Banque Connectée’ campaign during the 2nd edition of the Moroccan Digital Awards, which rewards the most innovative brands in the digital field in Morocco”, recalls the same source.

Al Barid bank and the CIH are the next in the ranking, with respectively 97% and 96% satisfaction rate of online services respectively. They are followed by the Banque Populaire with a lower satisfaction rate of 95%, says the same source.

“Finally, 88% of Attijariwafa Bank users say they are satisfied with the bank’s online services,” notes the study.

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