11,333 units sold in January

Overall car sales in Morocco stood at 11,333 units at the end of January 2023, down 8.89% compared to the same period a year earlier, according to monthly statistics from the Association of Vehicle Importers in Morocco. Morocco (AIVAM).

By segment, the number of new passenger vehicle (PC) registrations amounted to 10,493 units for the first month of this year, down 4.41%, while that of light commercial vehicles (LCV) fell is encrypted at 840 units (-42.54%), specifies AIVAM.

The Dacia brand dominates the PC segment, with a market share of 22.89%, i.e. 2,402 units sold at the end of January 2023, followed by Renault, which sold 1,851 units (17.64% market share), and Hyundai. (1,622 units and 15.46% market share), notes the same source.

In the LCV segment, Renault sold 214 units (25.48% market share), ahead of DFSK which sold 153 vehicles (18.21% market share) and Fiat with 95 units (11.31 % market share). On the premium side, Audi sold 318 units, representing a market share of 3.03%, ahead of Mercedes (253 units and a share of 2.41%) and BMW (231 vehicles and a share of 2.2%). For its part, Porsche sold 32 units, with a market share of 0.3%, while Jaguar sales reached 12 cars (0.11%).

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