What do we know about this colony composed entirely of whites?

During the opening ceremony of CHAN 2023 at the Barakari stadium in Algiers, Zwelivelile Mandelagrandson of Nelson Mandela, held a political speech, out of step with a sports competition, where he called for the “liberation of last colony in Africa: Western Sahara »obviously forgetting the South African territory, Orania, which the public of Raja Casablanca reminded him of in a very subtle way.

“Little Mandela, the only African territory that is still colonized is Orania! (Little Mandela, the only colony in Africa, is located in Orania)replied the Ultras of Raja Casablanca, in response to the provocations of Petit Mandela.

Since then, search engines have been taken by storm. The whole world seeks to know the history of this small town in South Africa, whose community is mainly made up of white people, around 2,500 Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch and French Huguenots who arrived in the 17th century, who only speak Afrikaans. , a language derived from Dutch.

But what do we really know about this colony revealed to the world by the public message of the Greens, which threw a pebble into the pond?

Founded in 1991 by the son-in-law of the former Prime Minister, Hendrick Verwoerd, ideologue of the racist regime and one of the architects of apartheid, Orania is located on 8,000 hectares of land on the banks of the Orange River, which was bought by Verwoerd. It is located in the heart of the South African desert in the Karoo region, in the Northern Cape province, and is 871 kilometers from Cape Town and 680 kilometers from Pretoria.

“Tolerated” by the South African State, the locality of Orania is based on an article of the Constitution which defends the right to self-determination, and which gives it a certain ” autonomy“, by relying on solar energy to no longer depend on the national electricity grid. The most interesting thing is that this locality is experiencing a population growth of 17% per year.

Orania thus has its own bank, but also its own currency, the Ora, whose rate is equal to that of the South African rand, and its own municipal council to manage day-to-day business. Totally autonomous, it is now part of the South African landscape. The signs of the city and the flags of Orania are proudly hoisted in the colors of the old South African flag, orange-white-sky blue, before the fall of the racist apartheid regime in April 2013.

Moreover, its approximately 2,500 white inhabitants live in another reality, where black South Africans are almost invisible. The Afrikaners dreamed and created Orania to have a place of their own, Verwoerd’s grandson, Carel Boshoff, told the press, who clarified that ” like the African tribes or clans, here, everyone has a reference place of their own“.

In short, Orania, which is home only to whites and whose residence is granted following a verification process, in particular of the criminal record but also of the conditions linked to religion (you must be a Christian) and language (speaking Afrikaans), ” is intended for Afrikaners who share the same values”, underlined the right-wing parliamentarian Carel Boshoff. And as if by chance, no application for residence by non-Afrikaners was made to the administration of the “white city” of South Africa, Orania!

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