Water in the gas in the Paris/Algiers axis

Those who follow very closely the evolution of the relationship between France and Algeria would have liked to know in what posture President Emmanuel Macron read the shocking rant published by the newspaper Le Figaro by Ambassador Xavier Driencourt.

Like a little mouse in the presidential office, they would have liked to observe President Macron’s reactions to the reading of Ambassador Driencourt’s terrible indictment against President Tebboune’s record and his ambition to extend his hold on state institutions. Algerian for a second term.

Was it the Macron who had recognized in remarks reported by the newspaper Le Monde that the Algerian politico-military regime had no other projects than the exploitation of a memorial rent or the Macron who toiled away during his visit and that of his government to bring aid to this same regime to prevent it from collapsing.

Without a doubt, Emmanuel Macron is, at the bottom of his convictions, in total agreement with the terrible diagnosis depicted by Ambassador Driencourt, himself having already alluded to the taking of hostage of President Tebboune by the Algerian military serial. But the policy he pursues with regard to Algeria is dictated by other considerations.

The importance of Xavier Driencourt’s indictment against the Algerian regime comes from the prestigious identity of the author. It is not the work of a radical opponent excited by his hatred against the Algerian system, nor the charge of a Trotskyist leftist who wants to settle his ideological accounts with the rentiers of Algerian memory.

He is an experienced diplomat, a fine connoisseur of the Algerian serial, who knows the importance of the political verb and the historical reference. A cold man in his approach, rational in his approach and whose analysis is based on objective data and solid experience in the field.

His diagnosis of Algerian realities and their impact on French destiny is very lucid. He will certainly influence the vision and the policy that Emmanuel Macron’s France is developing with regard to this country. French diplomacy will no longer be able to act as if the stakes and dangers of possible French support for a second term for Tebboune were insignificant. That Paris continues to bet on a suicidal, arsonist regime, a military dictatorship with a mafia functioning based on economic predation, is an approach that many voices strongly challenge today.

Another question concerns the editorial attitude of the newspaper Le Figaro. In just a few weeks apart, the favorite newspaper of French business circles, engaged in two major political communication operations on Algeria. The first, on December 30, without warning and almost like a hair in the soup, he published a great interview with the Algerian president, Abdelmajid Tebboune. The latter engaged in a major operation of seduction in the direction of Paris, trying to pave the way for French support for his project of a second term at the head of Algeria. The second concerns the publication of a sensational op-ed by Ambassador Xavier Driencourt in which he observes that the Algerian power crisis will drag France down.

One of the personalities who knows the intricacies of the relationship between Algiers and Paris the most is sounding the alarm. France must have a different policy with regard to the Algerian regime than that of complacency and connivance. Ambassador Driencourt is putting French diplomacy in a huge embarrassment.

Either it distances itself from the practices of this power, economic predation and systematic violations of the most basic rights of Algerians, or it continues in its blindness and teams up with the mafia mentality of the Algerian military and risks sinking with its fall. Emmanuel Macron is summoned by this tribune of Figaro to rectify his vision and his policy with regard to Algeria.

Will he do it? Nothing is less certain, as President Macron’s desire to achieve a performance in the history of memorial reconciliation between the two countries is strong.

The fact remains that the conclusion of this forum by Ambassador Driencourt bears a pitiless conclusion: Algeria remains a problem for France, it is collapsing, but risks dragging Paris down with it.

The 4th Republic is dead in Algiers, will the 5th succumb because of Algiers?.

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