Unions reject negotiations on the new version of the project

While the meeting held this week was to make it possible to advance discussions on the bill relating to the determination of the conditions and procedures for exercising the right to strike, the technical committee in charge of social dialogue and the representatives of the trade union centers have not been able to make progress in this direction. Why ? The need for unions to implement previous commitments.

According to a source present at the meeting, the technical committee had asked the unions to present their proposals and amendments concerning the said project for discussion, something to which the trade union centers did not respond, stressing that the social dialogue must first go beyond beyond the ” blocking that he knows.

In their response to the technical committee in charge of social dialogue, the unions stressed the need to implement previous agreements and commitments, noting on this occasion that the current version of the draft law on the right to strike is not appropriate as ground for discussion. They also called for reaching a detailed agenda for social dialogue and specific dates before discussing the details of the files presented at the dialogue table.

In a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsa union source said that “ the bill should protect the right to strike, rather than restrict it, or make it impossible by linking it to the approval of authorities or bosses“.

The government is supposed to start the round of dialogue next February, betting on reaching a consensus with the social partners in order to sign the agreement before the end of April.

A ministerial official recently indicated in a statement that the launch of consultations on the strike law depended on the preparation of a favorable ground for dialogue, based mainly on the progress made at the level of sectoral dialogues, whether at the level of national education, higher education, health or air traffic controllers as well as the rest of the components of civil aviation.

The same official indicated that the resolution of these files will contribute to creating an appropriate atmosphere for the beginning of the dialogue on the law of the strike, which will be agreed within the framework of the institutionalization of the social dialogue before returning it to Parliament, adding that the government is determined to respect the agenda that it has defined with the parties.

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