Two amendments made by circles hostile to Morocco

The European Parliament adopted, this Wednesday, January 18, two amendments within the framework of the “Report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy – ​​2022”, an action considered as “ dilatory and hostile maneuvers against Morocco”.

Following the two amendments pushed this Wednesday by the European Parliament to the “Report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy – ​​2022”, a source within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad stressed that this approach, coming from a party that considers it has good intentions, as confirmed by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell during his last visit to Rabat, was promoted by circles hostile to Morocco’s interests.

These amendments are part of a campaign of attacks and harassment against the Kingdom, especially by those who hinder Morocco’s growth, prosperity and strong presence in its regional and international environment, she said.

The same source claimed that Morocco has long and repeatedly warned against this ongoing campaign that targets it directly and individually. Of all Arab and African countries, Morocco is the most targeted and attacked, indicating a clear bias that cannot be ignored.

The ministry source said that these amendments are just a manifestation of the real abuses and violations of institutions and the democratic path. For the interlocutor, it is surprising to see that those who complain about foreign interference are, in fact, the first to intervene in the internal affairs and legal proceedings of a sovereign state, pointing out that “those who complain about interference are in fact the champions of interference”.

The same source continued: “Those who claim that their work is characterized by legitimacy base their positions on fanciful allegations that some media promote without any legal basis, at a time when legal investigations are still ongoing, pending publication. of their results”.

In this sense, the source explains that Morocco expects more attacks, which will employ hollow rhetoric based on facts that have already been decided by justice.

She adds that the circles hostile to Morocco identified within the European Parliament, and which have a well-known agenda, will stop at nothing, given that they ignore the rights of victims, call into question the independence of the judicial system in Morocco. and take sides on the side of people who have already been judged for facts of common law, and in no case, because of opinions or attitudes.

And to add: Without ignoring the wise position of certain political groups and representations in the European Parliament, Morocco remains confident in its national path and wise in its choices related to its internal and external policy.“.

The source of the ministry indicated in particular that Morocco, always attached to its strategic partnership with the European Union, warns about the consequences of these despicable maneuvers, and calls on wise and responsible voices to evoke the language of reason and to favor the interests of this partnership, and to refrain from indulging in these maneuvers and turning a blind eye to them.

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