Travel: Several Moroccan cities are enthroned at the TTC 2023

Several Moroccan cities are enthroned in Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice (TTC) 2023. At their head, the imperial city of Fez, which is classified as the “best cultural destination in the world”.

At the first place in this ranking, the city of Fez also occupies the 7th place in the world of “best destinations”, according to the comments and ratings of Tripadvisor users. Moroccan cities stand out in several other categories.

“Each year, we recognize travellers’ favorite destinations, hotels, restaurants and activities around the world, based on reviews and ratings collected over the past 12 months”Trip Advisor said on its website.

The 2023 award winners were identified based on the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings specific to several traveler awards sub-categories on Tripadvisor for accommodations, restaurants and things to do in destinations from around the world during the 12 months between November 2021 and October 2022, notes the same source.

Aimed at lovers of art, history and culture, the other new category this year is ‘Best Places for Culture’. Tripadvisor notes that the top spots in this ranking offer “iconic sights and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.”

The city of Fez received the highest rating in the ranking of the best cultural destinations in the world for the year 2023, according to the testimonials of Trip Advisor users.

“The oldest university in the world is not Oxford or the Sorbonne, it is the University of Al Qaraouiyine, and you will find it in Fez el Bali”wrote in a comment the site specializing in travel, adding that this fortified city, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “will transport you to medieval times. Visit the old, maze-like quarters of the Fez el-Bali medina and the four imposing gates of Fez, with their distinctive Moroccan tiles ».

In this category, Fez is followed by Jerusalem, Athens in Greece, Dublin in Ireland, Jaipur in India. The most culturally rich European cities are ranked later in the guide, such as Budapest in Hungary at 7th place followed by Berlin in Germany at 8th place, Seville in Spain at 9th place. The cities of Brussels in Belgium and Venice in Italy are 11th and 12th.

Cities from Arab countries like Amman in Jordan and Gizah in Egypt are also part of the ranking and occupy the 17th and 20th place respectively.

In the categories of “favorite destinations” in the world, Morocco is in 7th place, this time thanks to the ocher city, Marrakech which is one of the most popular destinations, according to Trip Advisor.

The “red city” of Marrakech is a magical place, full of markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, Tripadvisor wrote in a comment. “Exploring the intimate courtyards and winding alleys of the historic medina can easily fill a day. Find inner peace in the serene Jardin Majorelle or marvel at the beauty of one of the city’s historic mosques,” the site added.

The first place in this ranking goes to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the second to Bali in Indonesia, London in Great Britain is placed in 3rd place, while Rome in Italy and Pari in France occupy the 4th and 5th places.

Morocco also ranks in the destination category ” fashionable “ and ” fashionable “ for 2023, taking 7th place in this ranking of cities experiencing the enthusiasm of travelers looking for immersive experiences in distant and different cultures, with Fez as the city of choice. “From lesser-known towns to new escapes, these places are booming. You heard it here first”wrote Trip Advisor.

The top 10 of these destinations are as follows: Cuba, Hoi An in Vietnam, Mauritius, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Chiang Mai in Thailand, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, Fez in Morocco, Baku in Azerbaijan, Kathmandu in Nepal and Krakow in Poland.

In 21st place in this same ranking, it is yet another Moroccan city that is among the favorite destinations of tourists in the world. The city of Agadir ranks just after Vienna in Austria and Paphos in Cyprus and before the seaside town of Marmaris in Turkey.

“Soak up the sun on the well-maintained beaches of Agadir, the most visited city in southern Morocco. Palm-lined boulevards and seaside bars add a decidedly Western flair, amplified by the large number of Europeans who flock here during the winter months. A large number of Europeans who flock here during the winter months. It’s all about laid-back relaxation in Agadir, so ride a camel, rent a beach buggy, visit the Souk El Hed market or take the 20-minute walk to the ruins of the Kasbah of Agadir for stunning views over town if you’re taking a break from the beach”wrote the site about Agadir.

In the category of the best destinations for lovers of ” nature “it is the turn of Merzouga and its sand dunes to take the 21st place in the world, just after Kruger National Park in South Africa and before Barbados.

Bask in beautiful sunsets and channel your inner sheik as you ride a winding camel through the windswept dunes of Erg Chebbi. Merzouga, a small village in southeastern Morocco, gives visitors a taste of desert life, and treks to nearby villages will reward you with African revelry, including music and dancing. Ask your hotel to organize a guided tour »notes the travel site.

Other destinations in this ranking include Serengueti National Park in Tanzania, Wadi Roum in Jordan, Corsica, Mauritius, Kauai in Hawaii, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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