Towards the acquisition of the Spanish warship AVANTE 1800

The Royal Moroccan Navy will soon acquire a new Spanish warship, BEFORE 1800, which is a giant ship that specializes in surveillance. In any case, this was confirmed by the presidency of the Spanish government.

The announcement of the purchase of this ship by Morocco was announced in January 2021 by the Spanish Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero. Manufactured over a period of three years of work by the Spanish company, NavantiaMorocco has started the process of acquiring the main equipment of the ship ” BEFORE 1800“.

In response to questions raised by the far-right Spanish party ” Vox Regarding this agreement, the Spanish government explained that the contract that binds it with Morocco is strategic and sovereign, stressing that ” the design and development of the warship are at advanced stages, equipped with the latest generation equipment and with the most advanced systems “.

To do this, the Moroccan government called on a Spanish bank for a loan to finance the arms contracts for the Royal Navy, with a view to completing the contract concluded between the Kingdom, represented by the delegated ministry in charge of national defense management, and Spanish society Navantiaspecializing in the manufacture of military vessels.

In its official response, the Spanish government confirmed the launch of the process for the acquisition of this ship by the Royal Navy, while its acquisition by the Kingdom had been announced in January 2021. However, the diplomatic crisis between the two countries due of the reception of the head of the pseudo SADR led to the announcement of the cancellation of the military agreement according to several media.

After the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, following the recognition by the government of Pedro Sanchez of the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco in the Sahara ” as the most serious basis for the resolution of this dispute“, Morocco took an important step last October to acquire the vessel developed by Navantia.

Thus, the Kingdom obtained a loan of ” Banco Santander in the amount of 90 million euros, with which he will cover part of the purchase of this ship. The final price of the deal remains unknown, although media speculation hovers between 130 and 150 million euros.

The sale of this ship to Morocco is considered an important step for Spain, and has been since the last bilateral agreement for the integration of military ships into the Royal Navy in 1982. On that date, Spain had submitted a series patrol boats and a cruiser in Morocco. Since then, there has been no agreement in the sector between the two countries.

According to data from Navantiathe warship BEFORE 1800 is 89 meters long and 13.3 meters wide, with an average crew of 46. The original design calls for the incorporation of a 76 mm gun and a missile launch system, in addition to sensors, modern radars, electronic countermeasures and a bridge to house a helicopter.

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