Tourism: The roadmap of the sector recorded

The Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatim-Zahra Ammor, the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT) and its member associations and federations have approved the tourism roadmap.

A press release from the Ministry of Tourism underlines that as part of the collaborative approach that characterized the development of the roadmap for the sector in collaboration with private operators, the Minister presented, in preview, the final version of the roadmap during a meeting with the CNT and its main member associations and federations, in the presence of Hamid Bentahar, president of the CNT, Adel El Fakir, Director General of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and Imad Barrakad, General Manager of the Moroccan company of tourism engineering (SMIT.

As an introduction to this meeting, the minister thanked tourism professionals for their involvement in developing the roadmap for the sector as well as their strong mobilization alongside the teams from the ministry, SMIT and ONMT. for a rapid recovery of the sector in 2022.

This mobilization, combined with government action, the proactive measures undertaken by our country as well as the plans to promote the destination and speed up air transport, have made it possible to recover more than 80% of arrivals and 112 % of foreign currency travel receipts compared to 2019, continues the same source.

The unprecedented Momentum enjoyed by the Morocco destination during the World Cup by reconfirming the mobilization of the Ministry and its bodies under its supervision to capitalize on this enthusiasm, while raising awareness among professionals in the sector on the importance of doubling efforts to improve the customer experience, further indicated the Minister.

It is in this surge of optimism regarding the ambitious prospects of the sector that the presentation of the definitive roadmap for the sector was launched, which takes into account the recommendations of professionals issued during the various meetings with the Minister, as well as as the thematic workshops carried out during the development of the roadmap and which saw the participation of around a hundred private operators.

Thus, the main levers of the roadmap were exposed, in particular a new engineering of the tourist offer which will put more emphasis on the tourist experience and an offensive plan for the development of international and domestic air connectivity.

It also involves the strengthening of promotion and marketing, with particular importance given to digital, the stimulation of private investment and a plan to structure the hotel offer based on the upgrading of the hotel park. existing and the creation of new hotel capacities.

At the end of the presentation, the operators reiterated their thanks for the government measures and for the commitment of the Minister, alongside the professionals, in favor of the rapid recovery of the sector in 2022. They also welcomed the character of the roadmap, which provides concrete solutions to the priorities necessary for the development of the tourism industry, as well as the significant financial resources that will be mobilized to materialize the very ambitious vision of the roadmap.

Fatim-Zahra Ammor, in turn, confirmed that the public-private partnership will be a prerequisite for the success of the roadmap, and that it will have to materialize through the effective participation of private operators in governance, reflection and the deployment of the various projects.

The next few weeks will see the effective launch of the strategic roadmap for tourism and the operationalization of its priority areas in the short and medium term.

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