The winners not selected for the lawyers' competition denounce Ouahbi's remarks

At the end of the results of the aptitude competition for the exercise of the profession of lawyer published last Friday, in addition to the declarations made by the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, a hundred laureates in law, having “failed ”, held a sit-in, this Tuesday, January 3 in front of the seat of the parliament in Rabat, in order to denounce this “unfair policy and inappropriate remarks”.

Affair “artificial that has no place to be”, vse is not because someone deems it good that we open an investigation that we will do it”, “these people are in bad faith! »… Statements made by Abdellatif Ouahbi, Minister of Justice, regarding the eligibility exam to practice as a lawyer, in addition to the published list of successful candidates, have angered failed law graduates under consideration, calling on the public prosecutor to open an investigation, after Ouahbi explicitly ruled out this option.

Today we are holding a demonstration, an angry protest against the unjust policy adopted by the Minister of Justice, following the examination for eligibility to practice the profession of lawyer passed under catastrophic circumstances, including the motto is clientelism, fraud and corruption, and which has resulted in a list full of the names of children of lawyers, judges and eminent persons“, told MoroccoLatestNews one of the unsatisfied winners present during the sit-in.

The laureate denounces that it is a set of “constitutional violations which have tainted this examination, whether at the level of the way in which it was organized or even the correction”. And to add: » We are today in front of Parliament to make our voice heard by His Majesty the King, since he is the person in whom we trust the most.“, noting that his young candidates no longer trust politicians since they have also” be part of this charade“.

It should be noted that the demonstrators wish to deliver to the Sovereign ” this message in order to intervene to preserve the law, the rule of the constitution, the image and the reputation of the Kingdom“. They also demand that these examinations be canceled and that the Minister of Justice be held responsible. Recall that the latter accused the Minister of Justice ” of having manipulated the results of the examinations » and to have « targeted in particular the winners holding a bachelor’s degree while excluding doctoral students due to the age factor“.

Regarding the words of Ouahbi who did not fail to emphasize that his ” son (admitted in the competition) holds two doctorates obtained in Canada because his father has the adequate financial means“, several protesters considered them to be “ rude ” and ” disrespectful towards the students and laureates who are constantly under pressure and obstacles to achieve the desired objectives.

VYou have seen that these are provocative statements that concretely show that he is not a politician, because a politician takes into account the sensitivity of this situation“, lamented a Protestant. ” Young people now suffer from unemployment and marginalization, while the minister declares that his son is in Montreal and that he has no jobs to offer us“, he continues.

I do not need to remind you that it is not the minister who manages the positions since their number is already defined by the finance law voted and adopted after long steps and studies“, specifies the young winner.

As for the investigation that the Minister refuses to open on the pretext that it is a case ” artificial that has no place to be “given that no kind of crime or misdemeanor has been committed, ” I invite him to review the text of the constitution, in particular articles 1 and 107 and law 33-17 which stipulate a separation of powers while transferring the powers of the Ministry of Justice to the presidency of the public ministry and of this fact, he no longer has any power to decide on the opening of this investigation“, he indicated.

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