The US wants to set up an industrial military base in Morocco

US sources have reported that the United States intends to establish an industrial military base in Morocco, at a time when Russia is expanding into African countries. Among them is Algeria, where Moscow has expressed the possibility of setting up a military base.

In this context, the university professor specialized in strategic and military affairs, Abderrahman Mekkaoui, indicated that “reports from the United States of an emergency meeting of US President Joe Biden with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to instruct him to prepare a contingency plan for the installation of an American military and logistics industrial base in Morocco”.

The Minister was also invited to facilitate the legal and procedural steps for this military-industrial project”, says the expert in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews.

The strategic and military affairs specialist explained that the area in which this military base should be located has not yet been specified, adding that there are chances that it will be located in northern Morocco at the level of the bases. military located in the Mediterranean basin. In this sense, he underlined the geostrategic importance of this location and the number of men and weapons that are there.

Pr Mekkaoui also noted that “These urgent instructions from the world’s most powerful country come in the wake of a detailed report by CIA Director William Burns on Russia’s expansion of influence in Africa, particularly Algeria, which told him granted air and sea facilities and land facilities”.

These Russian installation facilities denote a trend towards the construction of a Russian logistics base in the wilaya of Tamanrasset, in the south of Algeria, to facilitate its expansion in Mali, the Central African Republic and Sudan, without forgetting the maritime installations in Mediterranean Sea and open the door to Russia to benefit from the huge base called Mersa el-Kebir, near the Wilaya of Oran, detailed the academic.

Moreover, “the Russians are trying to reopen to exploit the French military base for missiles and chemical experiments located 50 kilometers from the Moroccan border”added the expert adding that “Algeria and Russia tried to test some long-range missiles, but these attempts were thwarted by France and the United States”.

In addition to Russia, China represents a source of concern for the United States in the region, continued the interlocutor, explaining that it has the largest military base in Djibouti, estimated at 12,000 soldiers, and that it is in the process of establishing military bases in other African countries, particularly in the countries of the Sahel.

This is news that has troubled the United States, whether in US intelligence or in the Department of Defense and is what prompted the US President to issue strict instructions to establish a US base in Morocco “, added the university professor.

The Moroccan expert touted the benefits of such a military investment, saying it will bring many encouraging and profitable returns for Moroccan capital since the sector employs thousands of workers.

This operation will have important and positive results, both for the Kingdom and for its army, which will benefit in geostrategic terms, not to mention that Moroccan youth will be able to engage in learning and mastering these American technologies.“, he said again.

To conclude that the United States had already established several American bases in Morocco, notably in the suburbs of Casablanca and other air bases in Kenitra and Benslimane, and “the closure of these bases was a strategic error because the world situation requires the establishment of such bases to circulate American industry in the allied countries”.

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