The Spanish PSOE and Marine Le Pen's party vote in favor of Morocco against a European Parliament resolution

Two diametrically opposed parties both voted against a resolution against Morocco in the European Parliament. MEPs from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE, in power) and those of the National Rally in France (RN, far right) rejected a resolution against the kingdom.

In a text concerning the situation of Moroccan journalists and freedom of expression, the European Parliament urged “the Moroccan authorities to respect freedom of expression and freedom of the media, to grant imprisoned journalists, in particular Omar Radi, Soulaimane Raissouni and Taoufik Bouachrine, a fair trial with all the guarantees of due process”.

The resolution “strongly condemns the misuse of allegations of sexual assault to deter journalists from carrying out their duties”, and adds that Parliament would be concerned by “allegations that the Moroccan authorities have tried to bribe elected European Parliament “.

This affair, which was at least “provoked” by certain parties hostile to Morocco who tried to tarnish its image on several occasions with incredible affairs and serious accusations, such as the Pegasus affair in France and Spain, and now the QatarGate and the case of freedom of expression.

The resolution was adopted by 356 votes in favour, 32 votes against and 42 abstentions, and among the votes against were 17 Spanish socialist MPs from the PSOE and 13 MEPs from Marine Le Pen’s French National Rally.

It condemns the deterioration of press freedom and calls for the temporary access of Moroccan representatives to the European Parliament to be restricted.

The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, spoke to the press after this vote, on the sidelines of a summit in Barcelona with the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

Sanchez indicated that he speaks in this matter as secretary general of the PSOE, and said that the vote against the resolution was explained by certain elements of the text of this resolution which were not shared by his party.

“It is a resolution, I speak as secretary general of the PSOE, that we have not shared in any of its elements”, declared the head of the Spanish government.

“Spanish Socialist MEPs in the European Parliament did not share with the rest of the parliamentarians, as usually happens with many other votes,” he added.

Pedro Sanchez also referred to relations between Spain and Morocco to affirm that “our bilateral relations are in good health” and to recall the high-level meeting scheduled in Rabat on February 1 and 2, deeming it “very important” for bilateral cooperation.

It should be remembered that this resolution voted on Thursday comes from a Spaniard, MEP Miguel Urban Crespo, from the group of the united left who was delighted with the vote affirming that it was necessary to “wait more than twenty years” and a “scandal like Marocgate” to persuade MEPs to vote against Morocco.

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