The organization Touche pas à mon enfant speaks out against "sex tourism" in Morocco

The Organization Touche pas à mon enfant (TPAME) has indicated that it has become a civil party in a case of “attempted rape of a minor” in Agadir, currently being examined by the public prosecutor.

In a press release where it rises, “once again” against “sex tourism”, TPAME recalls that the “alleged pedophile at the level of the city of Agadir, exploited the social precariousness of a minor, offered a menu in the Mac Donald restaurant, with a view to abusing him within the toilets”.

“A tourist of English origin immediately intervened to avoid the worst”added the Organization which “once again denounced this kind of violence and urged the competent judicial authorities to take firm action”.

“This unfortunate fact makes various facts reflect once again, the problem of sex tourism within our country, which some visit to abuse the innocence of children, instead of taking advantage of the extent of our beautiful beaches and the beautiful sun. », she laments.

To affirm that“It’s time for some tourists to realize that our offspring are by no means a fast food dish to be eaten”.

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