The Mauritanian ambassador explains the nature of the privileged relationship between his country and Morocco

Mauritania’s ambassador to Rabat, Mohamed Ould Hanani, hailed the distinguished high level of his country’s relations with the Kingdom of Morocco. Moroccan-Mauritanian relations are among the few bilateral relations in the world that do not need to be pushed by governments or political elites, he said.

Speaking at a symposium on relations between Mauritania and Morocco, organized at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Agdal, the Mauritanian ambassador considered that this particularity between the two countries is explained by a desire for rapprochement bringing together the Moroccan and Mauritanian peoples which “goes beyond political will”.

He considered on this subject that the relations between the two neighbors date back almost a thousand years, and are composed of blood, family and spirit ties, in addition to political, social and economic relations.

The Mauritanian ambassador also stressed the existence of a strong political will carried by the leaders of the two countries to give new impetus to bilateral relations and strengthen them. He noted in this regard the last meeting in Rabat during the month of March 2022, which saw the convening of the work of the high joint committee between the two countries, which had not met for 8 years.

The work of the 8th session of the Moroccan-Mauritanian high joint commission was co-chaired by the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, and the Mauritanian Prime Minister, Mohamed Ould Bilal Messaoud and 13 conventions were signed on the occasion.

The Mauritanian Ambassador underlined that this meeting resulted in the signing of numerous agreements in several areas, including of an economic nature, particularly in agriculture and animal production, animal health, maritime fishing and aquaculture, the protection of the environment.

It is also about conventions in terms of sustainable development, tourism, standardization, improvement of quality, industry, health, vocational training, national territorial planning, urban planning, housing, investment and business.

Mohamed Ould Hanani pointed out that this progress in bilateral relations was also reflected in the holding of a meeting in Casablanca last May which brought together Moroccan and Mauritanian business leaders and brought together more than 300 economic players from the two countries, where they discussed among themselves areas of the economy that could contribute to strengthening the distinguished relations between the two countries, in addition to the signing of agreements between the regions of Mauritania and Morocco during the Local Government Summit in Africa, which was hosted by the city of Saidia in Morocco.

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