The Institution of the Ombudsman received more than 5,000 complaints in 2021, including 6 from minors

In 2021, the Institution of the Mediator received some 5,409 complaints in the form of correspondence, thus recording an increase of 8% compared to 2020, according to the mediator of the Kingdom, Mohamed Benalilou.

The Institution of the Mediator of the Kingdom presented the annual report for the year 2021 at a press conference, and Mohamed Benalilou, revealed on this occasion that his department was able to carry out 70% of the actions implemented within the framework of the strategy adopted by the body and to deal with 3,968 complaints.

In this sense, Benalilou revealed that the total number of complaints received by his department in 2021 amounted to 5,409 filed by different individuals, noting that this is an increase of approximately 8% compared to 2020 ( 3,547 complaints). He said that the body received 1,834 complaints outside its jurisdiction and which also seems to have increased by 16.59% compared to 2020.

However, it was found that out of a total of 4,291 files of personal interest, 2,141 complaints relate to the category of persons aged between 18 and 59, while 1,109 files relate to persons aged 60 or over.

The mediator revealed in particular that the department received 6 complaints filed by minors, but did not disclose the category of the remaining 1,035 files.

The mediator of the Kingdom pointed out that the analysis of all the files studied concluded that the “seriousness index” had fallen during the year concerned to 50.16%, after having reached 57.92% during the previous year, and to add that the institution issued a total of 190 new recommendations in 2021.

Despite the results obtained and the revision of the recommendations issued by the body throughout the previous years, the cumulative recommendations without implementation had reached 832 by the end of the year, Benalilou lamented.

This is also what the body considers as the continuation of a situation that negatively affects the easement rights of the persons concerned, stressing that despite the importance of the annual percentage of compliance with the recommendations, the general percentage remains at 67, 54%, which is a percentage that is likely to decrease, especially since the average time for implementing recommendations reaches 910 days.

In this regard, the mediator of the Kingdom called on the administrations and institutions concerned to respond quickly by arguing ” your decisions and by giving importance and interest to the grievances of the citizens in order to translate the new concept of authority“.

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