The House of Representatives unanimously passes a bill relating to the National Press Council

The House of Representatives unanimously adopted, on Monday, bill n° 53.22 approving draft decree-law n° 2.22.770 of October 6, 2022, enacting specific provisions relating to the National Press Council.

In a presentation of the bill, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, indicated, on behalf of the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, that in accordance with Article 81 of the Constitution, this text was put to the vote by the Chamber of Representatives after its unanimous adoption on January 17 by the competent committee in the First Chamber.

The provisions relating to the National Press Council enacted by Decree-Law No. 2.22.770 remain “an exceptional and temporary solution imposed by the force of circumstances”, he insisted, calling for the development of the current framework legal, within the framework of a participatory, institutional and professional approach.

The bill includes a single article on the approval of “decree-law no. 2.22.770 published on October 6, 2022 enacting specific provisions for the National Press Council”, he added.

The Minister also welcomed the particular attention that the Chamber pays to improving the legislation relating to the media sector in the country, in particular through the joint legislative initiative of all the groups and parliamentary groupings aimed at modifying the Law No. 90.13 establishing the National Press Council, emphasizing that the government, for its part, will study this legislative initiative with the aim of developing the sector and preserving the achievements of professionals.

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