The government accepts 9 recommendations

The Public Finance Control Committee in the House of Representatives concluded its series of exchanges and meetings on the theme of ” management of subsidies granted to associations by the sectors of the State”, by proposing ten recommendations, which the executive, represented by the ministry delegated to the head of government, in charge of relations with Parliament, accepted, with the exception of one recommendation.

The recommendation, which the government has considered to fall within the competence of the Court of Auditors, relates to “ the implementation of an administrative control of the annual accounts of associations benefiting from public aid in accordance with the standards and accounting rules relating to the keeping of an account of the use of public funds, by linking the continuation of the granting aid to the extent of the commitment in its favor “revealed to MoroccoLatestNewsa responsible source within the office of said commission.

The rejection of one of the Commission’s 10 recommendations came during a meeting held by the Public Finance Monitoring Commission on Tuesday 24 January, chaired by MP Latifa Leblih, chair of the commission, and in the presence of Mustapha Baytas, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of relations with Parliament, as well as most of the members of the commission responsible for public finance control issues, in particular its responsibilities relating to the study and evaluation of reports issued by the Court of Auditors.

According to the same source, the meeting was devoted to listening to the opinion of the ministry on the recommendations relating to the question of ” management of subsidies granted to associations by the sectors of the State”.

According to a note issued after it was held, the meeting is part of a series of meetings aimed at examining the substantive reports drawn up by the Court of Auditors in the context of the tasks entrusted to it, relating to the monitoring the use of public funds by a number of public bodies, including monitoring the use of public funds granted to associations and civil society organizations in Morocco.

The same source added that the meeting was “ the culmination of the efforts of MEPs and the work of the Commission to develop reflection on the question of the management of subsidies granted to associations by the sectors of the State, which resulted in the proposal of ten recommendations on the subject, with which the line ministry interacted positively and in an atmosphere of constructive discussion “.

In the same context, a meeting of the Standing Parliamentary Committee was held on the same day “ within the framework of the work and mandate of the Commission for the Control of Public Finances, provided for in article 81 of the decreed House of Representatives, and in application of the prescriptions of article 294 of the same regime, to examine the questions and consultations relating to the annual public finance control program specified by the office of the House of Representatives “.

The new annual program is made up of four themes, namely: The National Strategy for the Fight against Illiteracy 2011/2020 “(National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy), “ the Intelaka Program », « The Program for the Reduction of Spatial and Social Disparities in the Rural World “, and ” The General Plan for Equality and Parity – Ikram”.

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