The FRMF still waiting

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has still not received a response from the African Football Confederation (CAF) regarding its request to travel directly to Algeria via a flight from Rabat to Constantine, so that the team of local footballers can participate in the final of the African Cup of Nations for local players (CHAN) which will take place in Algeria.

An official source explained, in a statement to Hesport, that the Royal Moroccan Football Federation is still awaiting the response from the continental body, before making the final decision on whether or not the Moroccan national team will participate in CHAN 2023: ” The deadline for the response time is midnight today, and tomorrow we will make the final decision on the matter. “says our reliable source.

The latter confirmed that the FRMF sticks to traveling by a direct flight aboard a Royal Air Maroc plane, refusing the alternative plans proposed to participate in this competition, namely to travel to Algeria aboard a Tunis Air plane transiting moreover through Tunis. It is, so to speak, the famous Moroccan proverb “fine hia oudnek” where is your left ear? pointing to it with your right hand.

FIFA has never allowed the politicization of football, whatever the country or the geostrategic and political situation, and CAF, which is one of its key elements, should take this very seriously. Because it is to make harmful, an African competition, the CHAN in this case of which, continental leaders and not least (Egypt, Tunisia…) are reluctant to put their crampons there. If Morocco takes part, it is out of solidarity and loyalty to an entire Continent, Africa, which it moreover defends in areas other than sports.

However, the Moroccan national team of local players today completed its training camp at the Mohammed VI Football Center in Maâmoura. The technical staff program is still relevant, while waiting to inform the players tomorrow of the final decision whether or not to go to Algeria in order to participate or not in a competition in which the Kingdom fully contributes to highlighting for Africa of which it is an integral part.

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