The FNBTP calls for urgent government intervention to stop the bleeding of the sector

The National Federation of Building and Public Works held a press conference this week calling on the state to undertake urgent measures to deal with the heavy challenges that the sector has been facing since the advent of the pandemic crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. .

Speaking at the conference organized on the sidelines of the FNBTP Board of Directors focused on the real impact of the surge in inputs, materials and supply times on construction companies, the President of the Federation, Mohamed Mahboub, asked the authorities to take urgent measures to support the construction sector, whose condition is increasingly deteriorating, to overcome the impacts of the pandemic crisis and the Ukrainian crisis, but without providing details on the extent of the damage.

The official asserted that member companies “suffer greatly and continue to suffer from the Covid-19 pandemic“. “Many of them have either put the key under the doormat, or are enduring the pangs of judicial reorganizations, not to mention coercive measures such as exclusion from public contracts, loss of qualifications and classes that they deserve.“, he specified.

Our companies have the perception of the existence of a gap between the governmental political decision makers and the decision makers on the ground, in particular the contracting authorities. The first understand our problems and try to solve them, the second stick to their prerogatives, even negotiate and empty the decisions of the first public officials of their substance.“, alerted the president of the FNBTP.

And to add:Companies in the sector have not only had to deal with rising input costs and freight and transport costs, but also with the disruption of supply chains and the impacts of travel restrictions. », while insisting on the need for a general preliminary reflection.

In the assessment, we noted a number of public contracting authorities, in particular public establishments and enterprises as well as bodies coming under local authorities placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, in particular the development companies, which have not shown the necessary diligence in processing the requests of the companies, even decide to negotiate the achievements of the spirit and the letter of the Circularpublished by the government aimed at taking into account the situation of the sector, the official lamented.

It should be recalled that the Head of Government announced, on Monday April 18, by means of a circular, that he had taken several aid measures intended for companies with public contracts in order to alleviate the crisis of the scarcity of raw materials in more of the price increase. However, the federation affirms that some of these measures have not been applied, in particular the resilience without confiscation of guarantees for current contracts, the regularization of execution times for current contracts and the return to normal of the financial equilibrium of the markets among others.

We reported this fact to the Head of Government at the end of July 2022, a few days before the expiry date of the circular. Our companies have often been confronted with the refusal or lack of response from the principals for their requests, or even the slowness in the investigation of their files.Mahboub explained.

We are aware of the government’s efforts in favor of our sector… and we measure the extent and importance of the projects launched by the State to equip the country, but we count the companies left on the floor with their employees, their families and their subcontractors, whether or not they have gone out of business or are fighting to get out of liquidations and receiverships“, declares the president.

As a result, the FNBTP pleads with the government for the implementation of urgent measures allowing “to support and guarantee the sustainability of the Moroccan industrial and entrepreneurial sector of the construction industry“.

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