The digitized documents of the BNRM well preserved and safe from computer hacking

The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) assured Friday that the digitized documents at its disposal are well preserved and protected from computer hacking, contrary to the information relayed by certain media following a cyber attack which targeted, on the evening of December 30, the Library portal.

In a press release, the Library recalls that its online site had on several occasions been the subject of computer hacking attempts coinciding with the announcement broadcast on the edition of the book “Selective Bibliography of the Moroccan Sahara” and its implementation digital version available to researchers.

The press release indicates that the Library’s IT department very quickly, after the discovery of this cyberattack, proceeded to put the portal back into service, taking the precaution, however, of making it temporarily accessible only internally at the BNRM and not on the canvas and this, to better secure it.

And to add that the first investigations into the ins and outs of this cyberattack were carried out in full cooperation with the services responsible for digital security in the Kingdom.

Concerning the documentation of the Library, the press release indicates that all measures have been taken before for its preservation by isolating it completely from the server which was targeted by the hackers.

Furthermore, the same source notes that “this cyberattack has not yet had any impact on copyright”, stressing that “the National Library and in particular the services concerned, ensure compliance with the regulations in force on this register.

The press release also indicates that the publication of the “Selective Bibliography of the Moroccan Sahara” was followed by numerous national and international meetings aimed at shedding light on the content of this work and promoting its dissemination. Activities that have visibly encouraged the multiplication of cyberattacks and their rate, notes the press release before adding that observers are well aware of the motives behind these acts registered in the register of electronic crimes as well as the identity of their instigators. .

That being said, the BNRM ensures that its computer security system is highly protected and that it offers the possibility of continuous monitoring to detect possible cyberattacks, stressing that the update concerning protection against viruses is automatic.

The press release concludes by indicating that the BNRM will inform the public of the conclusions of the investigation carried out by the specialized services about this cyberattack, adding that its portal is now accessible on the web.

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