The Coordination of contract workers rejects the agreement and insists on integration

As part of the implementation of the 2022/2026 public school reform roadmap, the government and the most representative education unions signed an agreement on January 14 on the unified status for all civil servants in the education sector. An agreement, which has been described by the general secretaries of the trade unions as “milestone in the history of the sector“, but which did not find the same echo with certain professional branches of the sector, in particular the teachers called “contractual“.

Indeed, in its first interaction with the minutes of the agreement on unified status for all civil servants in the education sector, signed between the government and the unions, the National Coordination of Teachers and Assistant Managers to the contractualization announced its rejection of the agreement of January 14 and of “any cheap compromise of the sacrifices of education workers“, emphasizing”the continuation of the fight until the contracting plan is abandoned and everyone is integrated into the ranks of the civil service“.

In a statement, the Coordination estimated that “at a time when everyone was waiting for the Moroccan state to find radical solutions to the demands of education workers, first and foremost the abandonment of the plan of contractualization and the integration of all teachers obliged to contract in the ranks of the civil service, the Ministry of National Education tries to save time, and does not miss the opportunity to promote errors to public opinion“.

According to the same coordination, and following the “success of the boycott process of handing over grades to the administration and the Masar system, the ministry signed a fictitious agreement with the union bureaucracies regarding the so-called parameters of the basic system for the employees of the national education sector“, while this agreement has been postponed several times. The purpose of this agreement, believes the Coordination, is to somehow destabilize the process of boycotting grades, adopted by the five coordination committees.

Thus, the Coordination estimated that “the content of this agreement and the points concerning the file of contract teachers were presented by the ministry in previous meetings, in particular the November 2019 session, as well as on February 12, 2020, but the bureaucracy (unions) rejected it at the time within the framework of the dialogue“, Underlines the same source who wonders why the unions have accepted it today when they have been chanting since 2016 the need to integrate all teachers into the ranks of the public service.

How are a few people going to sign on the fate of hundreds of thousands of education workers and the future of millions of girls and boys of the Moroccan people without discussing with the people concernedasked the Coordination, noting that “members of signatory unions must hold accountable all those involved who contribute to the preparation of the contents of the unified statute, and who spread lies to education workers“.

The minutes of the agreement on a unified status for all civil servants in the education sector were signed on January 14 in Rabat, between the government and the most representative education unions as part of the implementation implementation of the roadmap for public school reform 2022/2026, constitutes “an important step in the history of the sector”, underlined the general secretaries of the unions.

It is a very important agreement, but the most important thing is to move towards its implementation and the implementation of previous agreements“, told the press the secretary general of the National Union of Education (SNE / FDT), Abdessadek Rghioui, stressing that this agreement stipulates, among its important points, “to open the field of off-scale promotion for all categories that were excluded from it, in particular those who will be retired this year“.

We are satisfied with this achievement and we still aspire to open a new grade for secondary school teachers and similar categories of administrators and others.“, he added.

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