The CNDP will be transformed into a service-oriented institution

The National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP), indicated on Thursday that it has been working for several months to formalize and finalize its transformation and change in order to deploy all the characteristics of an agile administration at serving citizens, companies, administrations and public entities.

In a press release, the Commission explained that this action required the creation of a “Front Office”, the recruitment and training of reactive employees whose spirit and culture are service-oriented, as well as the rejuvenation of the average age of the CNDP’s administrative staff, today around their thirties, “which makes it a tool aligned, in particular, with the “Digital Native” generations and the following ones. »

According to the same source, critical observation, training, self-training and continuous improvement thus constitute the daily life of the institution, which allows the natural integration of new collaborators and the natural regeneration of the next generation, in addition to the overhaul of the case investigation processes (notification of processing of personal data, complaints, checks, etc.) and their tools to make them more efficient. “This action is in continuous improvement according to the principles of agile approaches”, specifies the CNDP.

It is also the declination of an organization aimed at reducing and controlling processing times and strengthening the satisfaction of our ecosystem: citizens, businesses, administrations and public entities, in addition to compliance with international standards. approaches related to the protection of personal data and the protection of privacy.

On this last point, the CNDP affirms in its press release that it provides the Permanent Secretariat of the NADPA (…)/RAPDP (…), and has been a member, since October 2021, of the Executive Committee, made up of 8 members, of the GPA ( Global Privacy Assembly / Assemblée Mondiale de la Vie Privée) which is the international organization bringing together nearly 130 data protection organisations. Thus, we continue, the CNDP contributes to the international working group on Child Protection.

On this theme, it launched, with a group of partners, on December 9, 2022, the Koun3labal platform, the first of its kind with an African vocation. and ensures the leadership and animation of the international working group on the Digital Economy.

These international activities allow the CNDP to be in constant contact with its peers around the world and thus to be informed, in a fluid way, of the latest good practices deployed, here and there, in order to put them at the service of our ecosystem. national.

In order to continue to contribute, with other institutions, to digital trust on the national territory, the CNDP announced in its press release, the publication of the National Register, the systematization of the sanctions provided for by law 09-08 and the publication on its website with a page for monitoring the investigation of complaints and significant checks while preserving the rights of those concerned.

The transformation of the CNDP is being finalized, with a target deadline of June 30, 2023, it was revealed.

Thus, we conclude, it will be a question of the concretization of the project of recasting of the law 09-08 to reinforce its alignment with the international standards, the reinforcement of its action in the regions, the finalization of its organization and the statutory security of its staff and the fitting out of a headquarters commensurate with its new position and its ambitions.

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