The Club of Moroccan Magistrates refuses any interference in the sovereignty of the Kingdom

The European Parliament (EP) voted on Thursday on a resolution on the “situation of journalists in Morocco”, where it called on the authorities to “end the harassment of all journalists, their families and their lawyers”. Refuting these allegations, the Club of Magistrates of Morocco referred to an “interference in the judicial sovereignty” of the country.

Criticizing this resolution, the Club announced, in a press release from its executive office, that it had held an urgent meeting on Friday 20 January 2023 to examine the said resolution, in which the European Parliament criticizes the human rights situation in the kingdom.

The members of the offices stopped on the “content” and the “dimensions” of the said resolution, and “categorically” rejected any form of interference in the judicial sovereignty of Morocco and any attempt to influence the decisions of justice, indicates the text.

Moroccan justice is the “one and only institution empowered to protect individual and collective rights and freedoms, as well as judicial security”, in accordance with article 117 of the Constitution, recalled the Club des magistrats du Maroc, which is said to be “outraged by this initiative of the EP which has undermined Moroccan judicial institutions.

At the end of its meeting, the Club of Magistrates of Morocco reiterated its commitment to “defend the guarantees of the rights and freedoms of citizens” and its “attachment to the values ​​and constitutional principles relating to fundamental rights and freedoms”, including the freedoms of thought , of expression and of the press, as well as the guarantee of the rights of defence, the right to fair justice and the principle of the presumption of innocence.

As a reminder, in its “resolution”, the EP claims to be concerned by “the allegations that the Moroccan authorities have tried to corrupt elected members of the European Parliament”.

The text, to say the least controversial, was adopted by 356 votes for, 32 votes against and 42 abstentions, and among the votes against are 17 Spanish socialist deputies from the PSOE and 13 MEPs from Marine Le Pen’s French National Rally.

The relentlessness against Morocco, sponsored and unjustified, emanating from groups in the pay of hidden agendas, is perfectly reflected by the number of attempts aimed at undermining the privileged relationship between Morocco and the European Union.

No less than 112 parliamentary questions have been addressed since the start of this legislature, 18 attempted Amendments in 2022, 4 attempted Resolutions in 2022 including one resolution adopted in 2021 (event in the Moroccan town of Sebta), and 2 attempted nomination for the Sakharov Prize of people who have nothing to do with human rights and 3 aborted resolutions concerning the case of Omar Radi in 2022.

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