The "Al Moutmir Itinerant" device dedicated to the olive tree sets foot in the Oriental region

The OCP Group continues its commitment to Moroccan farmers and launches the 3rd stage of its “Al Moutmir itinerant” scheme dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees in Taourirt in the eastern region.

This device, which is a continuation of the itinerant devices organized since September 2018, contributes to the national agricultural dynamic, namely the national “Green Generation” strategy for sustainable and eco-efficient agriculture in Morocco.

“Al Moutmir itinerant”, launched on December 20 in the province of Kalaat des Seraghna, aims to disseminate good agricultural practices that respect the environment, in particular reasoned fertilization based on an integrated scientific technical itinerary, maintain and strengthen links with agricultural , bring “farmer solutions” as close as possible to farmers, facilitate their familiarization with its tools and promote the use of @tmar and [email protected]and connect farmers to fertilizer distributor manufacturer partners and their reseller networks, as well as the presentation of product offers, and putting farmers in contact with distributors, smart blender points of sale and resellers.

The Al Moutmir mobile device will take place in 4 stages (3 days per stage) and aims to support more than 1,800 farmers. It includes several workshops for the promotion of good agricultural practices, including soil analysis, reasoned fertilization, the fertilizers put on the market by our fertilizer manufacturer-distributor partners and their ecosystems of resellers and the popularization of good size of olive trees. Among the novelties of this edition the introduction of awareness and support workshops for the management of water resources and which will be led by experts from the UM6P.

Demonstration platforms (PFD) Al Moutmir of the olive tree at the national level
As part of the development of the olive sector, the Al Moutmir initiative has dedicated more than 4,700 olive demonstration platforms since 2018. These platforms have been spread over all the production basins, while targeting the different modes of exploitation. , the different methods of conduct (bour, gravity irrigated and drip) and the different varieties.
More than 1,251 olive demonstration platforms are planned for the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign at the national level, spread over 27 provinces, in more than 160 municipalities, for the benefit of more than 630 direct beneficiary farmers and more than 6,000 beneficiaries indirect.

The PFD program has improved yields ranging from 18% to 22%. The integrated production program adopted in the olive cultivation demonstration platforms has improved the profit margin of farmers ranging from 28% to 34%.

The use of suitable fertilizers and the supervision of farmers by agricultural engineers from Al Moutmir at the level of Olivier PFDs have made it possible to promote rational fertilization techniques and consequently stimulate demand for basic fertilizers (4 formulas regional olive trees, 12 provincial formulas and more than 430 specific formulas produced at Smart Blender points of sale).

Al Moutmir in the Taza – Oriental region:

– More than 1800 soil analyzes during the 2021/2022 campaign
– More than 390 AL Moutmir platforms installed in the Taza-Oriental region, including 130 dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees during the 2021/2022 campaign
– 140 platforms dedicated to olive growing planned for the 2022/2023 campaign
– 50 training courses relating to the technical route of the olive tree
– 40 FFS (schools in the fields) touching the technical route of the olive tree

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