Spanish official denounces Algeria's breach of association agreement with EU

The President of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, Ximo Puig, denounced the violation by Algeria of the Association Agreement with the European Union, proceeding to the unilateral blocking of commercial operations in both directions with Spain, since last June.

“There is an agreement with the European Union and Algeria must respect it,” said the Spanish official, who met on Wednesday with the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy , Josep Borrell, to request the intervention of the EU, in order to force the Algerian authorities to respect their commitments.

“We are simply asking the European Union to defend Spanish interests,” Puig said in statements reported Thursday by local media.

Operations and trade between Spain and Algeria have been blocked since last June.

These blockages on the part of Algiers result from the announcement, on June 8, of the suspension of the Treaty of Friendship with Spain, in protest against the Spanish position supporting the autonomy plan for the Moroccan Sahara, which was labeled by Spain as interfering in its internal and sovereign affairs.

The EU, through the voice of Josep Borrell, and the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, Valdis Dombrovskis, had expressed its “extreme concern” at the decision taken by Algeria to suspend the friendship treaty and of good neighborliness signed with Spain in 2002.

For the two senior European officials, the Algerian unilateral act constituted “a violation of the EU-Algeria association agreement”, noting that the European Union “opposes any type of coercive measures applied to the ‘against an EU Member State’.

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