“Rural Morocco. Socio-anthropological dictionary”, a new book by Hassan Rachik

“Rural Morocco. Socio-anthropological dictionary” is the title of a new book just published by anthropologist and university professor Hassan Rachik, published by La Croisée des chemins.

The 492-page book is “a humble invitation to broaden our cultural horizons, to discover other ways of thinking and acting, to survey some aspects of the past and present life of the Moroccan countryside”, we read in a presentation of the book on the publisher’s website.

This book is “the result of various experiences of Hassan Rachik as a researcher since his fieldwork in Zemmour in 1980, a teacher since 1983 and a consultant since his stays in the Middle Atlas in 1985″. It is “composed of a hundred articles which expose as simply and as succinctly as possible the basic knowledge that a young researcher, a speaker in a rural environment or simply a curious person should have about rural Morocco”, underlines- your.

Hassan Rachik is an anthropologist and former Professor at Hassan II University in Casablanca, Affiliate Professor at Mohammed VI University and Visiting Professor at American, European and Arab universities.

He is the author of several books including “Sacred and sacrifice in the High Atlas” (1990), “The sultan of others, ritual and politics in the High Atlas” (1992), “How to stay nomadic” (2000), “Symbolize the nation” (2003), “The near and the distant, a century of anthropology in Morocco” (2012), “The spirit of the field” (2016), “Praise of soft identities” (2016), ” Socioanthropology of the Maghreb countryside” (2019) and “Becoming an anthropologist at home” (2022).

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