Ranking 2023: More than 10 Moroccan preparatory courses considered the most attractive according to the Student

Economic, commercial or scientific options, Moroccan preparatory classes are among the most attractive preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles according to the 2023 ranking published by the magazine l’Etudiant.

The French magazine l’Etudiant, a collaborative orientation platform between students, has just unveiled its exclusive ranking in terms of the year 2023 of the best preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles, Moroccan establishments are part of it.

This global ranking is based on the analysis of data regarding the 2022 integration. According to the magazine, “the more students a prepa includes in the best grandes écoles, the higher it appears in the tables”, noting that these tables also restore the data of the previous four years showing the positioning and the evolution of these establishments.

Thus, cach list includes several “ baskets » from schools considered to be the most attractive, in particular Polytechnique, CentraleSupélec, Mines ParisTech, etc. The specialties concerned are divided into three main categories, including the economic and commercial option, the scientific option and the literary option. As for the courses, the 2023 ranking is based on mathematics-physics (MP), physics-chemistry (PC), physics and engineering sciences (PSI), physics and technology (PT), technology and industrial sciences (TSI), general economics and commerce (ECG), letters and social sciences, etc.

Regarding the ranking of the best scientific preparatory courses comprising 134 establishments specializing in mathematics and physics, the Al Zahrawi high school in Rabat is positioned at 4th rank with a 5-year average of 60.2%, ahead of Louis-le-Grand in Paris in 5th position and after Blaise-Pascal in Orsay who tops the list with an average of 81.9%, Stanislas in Paris (2nd) or Sainte-Geneviève in Versailles in 3rd place.

This top of the list, dominated by French preparatory classes, includes in particular the Moroccan establishment Lydex in Benguerir, which is 8th in the ranking, recording an average over 5 years of 50.6%. The Rbati Moulay Youssef high school occupies, for its part, the 63rd position in the ranking, closely followed by the Moulay Idriss high school in Fez in 65th position and by far by Omar Ibn Al Khattab of Meknes, ranked 75th, Al Qalam of Agadir at 78th and Mohammed V of Casablanca at 79th.

Also added to its Moroccan establishments, the prépas Ibn Al Ghazi of Rabat in 89th positionCarnot Prépas de Meknes in 92thOmar Ibn Abdelaziz of Oujda in 95thIbn Timiya of Marrakech in 103thMohammed VI of Kenitra in 105thReda Slaoui of Agadir in 116ththe Casablanca Residence School Group in 120thAl Khansaa of Casablanca in 124ththe CPGE Center in Tetouan in 128th and Moulay Abdellah of Safi in 129th.

At the bottom of this ranking are the Technical High School of Mohammedia at the 130th placeIbn Abdoun of Khouribga at the 131thand finally Estem from Casablanca and the Moulay Hassan high school in Tangier who share the same rank and come in 134th place.

However, the Residence School Group in Casablanca, Ibn Timiya in Marrakech, Lydex in Benguerir and Mohamed V in Casablanca are all tied and rank 28th among 122 establishments in the ranking of specialists in physics and life sciences. ‘engineer.

With regard to economic and commercial preparatory courses, general option, the Lycée Descartes in Rabat, First Preparatory Classes of High School Private in Meknes, the Groupe scolaire la Résidence, Ibn Al Ghazi, Moulay Ismail in Meknes, once again share the same position to rank 76th out of 151 establishments.

In addition, Estem de Casablanca ranks 2nd in the ranking of technological option business preparatory classes, while the Résidence school group ranks 8th and Ibn Timiya 14th.

According to L’Etudiant, this ranking is designed as a guidance tool for all students wishing to continue their studies in the Grandes Ecoles.

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