Presentation in Rabat of a database of European case law

The outline of a database of European case law in the field of competition law was presented on Thursday at the headquarters of the Superior Council of the Judiciary in Rabat, at the initiative of the Competition Council.

This meeting, held in the presence in particular of the first president of the Court of Cassation, deputy president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ), Mohamed Abdennabaoui, and the president of the Hellenic Competition Commission, Ioannis Lianos, aims to present a legal and jurisdictional database concerning competition law.

This work is part of a partnership that the Competition Council, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, has signed with the European Union and in which three countries participate, namely Greece, Poland and Italy. , said the chairman of the competition council, Ahmed Rahhou, in a statement to the press on the sidelines of this meeting.

For Rahhou, this working and cooperation framework aims to strengthen the legal aspect of the council’s work and to constitute a database of all European case law in the field of competition law, insofar as hundreds of judgments will be made available to the council and the judicial authority so as to support Moroccan decisions in this area on a very rich database, knowing that Moroccan law is quite close to what applies in European countries .

The object, he continued, is to promote a good reading of the right to competition, a reading that is likely to consolidate the visibility of the rule of law in Morocco, to protect investors and consumers and to make the Moroccan economy more attractive for investment.

Lianos, also a member of the OECD Competition Committee, said in a similar statement that the purpose of this meeting is to present part of the project developed in collaboration with the Competition Council within the framework of European twinning, in order to set up a platform with a database encompassing European judgments in competition matters.

For the President of the Hellenic Competition Commission, the aim of this initiative is to generate a wealth of information for Moroccan judges in charge of the application of competition law in order to draw inspiration from and benefit from case law. competition law, while taking into account Moroccan specificity.

This is likely to strengthen legal certainty for investors, thanks to a predictable legal system, with legal rules in line with European legislation, which will have a positive impact on investment in Morocco, he noted.

The same goes for the Secretary General of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, El Mustapha Lebzar, who welcomed the holding of this meeting to present the main lines of this database of European case law which is part of the cooperation between the two institutions.

He stressed that this platform will allow Moroccan judges to learn about and draw inspiration from European case law in terms of competition law.

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