Patrick Rajoelina warns of the danger of the balkanization of Africa because of the Polisario

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar, Patrick Rajoelina, signatory of the “Call of Tangier” for the exclusion of the Polisario “rasd” militia from the African Union (AU), affirmed that the existence of an organization like the self-proclaimed “rasd” within the AU is a danger for all of Africa, believing that its case could set a precedent for the dismemberment of countries and the balkanization of the entire continent.

On the sidelines of the first follow-up meeting of the “Call of Tangier” where several former African Prime Ministers and Ministers of Foreign Affairs met to launch an appeal to exclude the entity of the self-proclaimed rasd from the pan-African organization, the former head of diplomacy of Madagascar, Patrick Rajoelina declared to MoroccoLatestNews that the Sahara is “taken hostage” by the polisario front in “flagrant” contravention of the statutes of the Organization of the African Union (OAU) at the time and of the AU today.

“The SADR is neither a state nor a power insofar as a state exists if it has land, if it has a government and if it has a population. Today, the sard which claims a population, this population lives in foreign territory, “he said in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews from Marrakech, in reference to Algeria which allows foreigners, non-Algerians, to to have a parallel government, weapons, on its own territory.

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar, explained that at the end of “very many weeks of consultation with many personalities, we wrote a White Paper which was written in all serenity with legal, historical, political, diplomatic arguments but with immense determination” to exclude the SADR from the Union Africa and repair the error of its admission to its creation in 2002.

Raising the danger of the presence of a group of separatist militiamen within the African continental organization, the diplomat affirmed that the case of the Polisario with its self-proclaimed SADR (not recognized by the United Nations) could set a precedent for many countries. of Africa prey to secessionist militias, or political groups wanting to create states within states.

“Our determination is simple, it is that this subject, after 50 years, be definitively settled by the AU and naturally by the UN, so that this subject does not become a case law, because today in Africa and elsewhere, there are many political or other groups who are trying to secede within their states,” explained Patrick Rajoelina, emphasizing that “there are many of them”.

“We do not want”, he insisted, insofar as the subject of the Sahara is not definitively settled by the UN, that this subject be a subject of jurisprudence “so that the States are dismantled, in order to that the populations are in misery and that eventually wars or civil wars appear”.

The former head of diplomacy of Madagascar recalled on this occasion the “extremely clear” declaration of the President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, concerning the support of his country for the territorial integrity of Morocco, the final resolution before the UN of this file, to allow the repair of the damage inflicted on the kingdom since the Spanish colonization and the creation of the militia of the polisario to take hostage the Moroccan Sahara.

“Madagascar is in full solidarity with the Cherifian Kingdom and His Majesty Mohammed VI so that the Sahara can definitively join the great Moroccan nation which, I remind you, was created more than 1,000 years ago at the same time that France was created. “, he concluded.

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