Ouahbi: The Penal Code project in its final phase

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, was this Tuesday the guest of the MAP Forum. In particular, he announced that the penal code project, which will cover new crimes, has reached its final phase as well as an international congress, next April, on the marriage of minors.

Speaking during this meeting focused on the challenges of the Penal Code reform, the Minister specified that several articles of this Code have been revised to cover new crimes, while others, which are no longer relevant, have been repealed.

This Code, which will be ready next February, includes several guarantees in favor of the child and the woman and provides for a battery of alternative penalties, including the electronic bracelet and community service, explained Ouahbi.

In response to a question on individual freedoms in the new penal code, he specified that this project is not the exclusive work of the minister, but it is a text of law drawn up by several stakeholders, in accordance with the constitutional and institutional provisions, specifying that the Minister’s mission is to conduct negotiations to arrive at case law and consensual solutions.

On the other hand, he announced the holding next April of an international congress on the marriage of minors with a view to criminalizing this act and canceling the authorization issued by the magistrates to this effect, specifying that the amendments planned interact with developments concerning the intimate life of individuals.

With regard to the presence of a lawyer during the judicial investigation, Ouahbi announced a proposal which provides for the presence of a lawyer with the child, the woman and people with specific needs, with the possibility to film the respondent during his interrogation, noting that the debate on this question is still open.

It should be noted that during the Forum, the Minister of Justice also returned to the great controversy that accompanied the dysfunctions that would have occurred in the last competition for lawyers.

Accused, as well as his department, of “favouritism, nepotism and clientelism”, Ouahbi notably brought out, in his defense, the case of a candidate who had registered twice for the said competition, a first with the real number of his CIN and another time with another number, something detected by the computer which refuses the facsimiles.

The commission responsible for organizing the lawyers’ competition realized this act of cheating, continued Ouahbi, while the defendant tried to take advantage of this error in order to claim that his success was due to him. usurped by another candidate, moreover absent during the tests, who was retained in his place.

He has, in fact, promised to submit the file of this case to justice for examination, but also to clear the officials of the Ministry of Justice of what he called slander and unfounded accusations.

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