new trade record in 2022

The volume of trade between Morocco and Brazil has just recorded a new record of more than 3 billion dollars in 2022, consolidating a sustained increase since 2016.

According to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Economy, the volume of trade last year reached 3.13 billion dollars, an increase of 26.12% compared to 2021, the year which represented so far a record of the statistical series started in 1997.

In 2022, Morocco exported more than $2.06 billion to Brazil, the Kingdom’s fourth trading partner, which shipped products worth $1.06 billion to Morocco, generating a trade surplus of about a billion dollars in favor of Morocco.

Indeed, Moroccan exports to Brazil have increased slightly (7.63%), and Moroccan imports from this country have almost doubled in 2022, since they have increased by 88.82% compared to 2021. The surplus Morocco’s trade thus fell by 26.31% compared to last year (1.35 billion dollars).

By segment, Moroccan exports, which notably transited through the ports of Porto de Paranagua, Santos and Rio Grande, remain dominated by “Products of the chemical industries or related industries”, with 1.87 billion dollars, “Animals live products and animal products” (61.93 million dollars), “Mineral products” (44.11 million), “Textiles and sector products” (33.97 million) and “Machinery and appliances, electrical and their parts” (24.83 million).

Morocco, for its part, notably imported from Brazil “Products of the food industry” (648.32 million dollars), “Plant products” (304.28 million), “Base metals and derivatives” (40, 46 million), “Products of chemical or allied industries” (24.96 million) and “Wood, charcoal and articles of wood” (13.52 million dollars).

In its foreign trade, Brazil, the leading economic and demographic power in Latin America, exported 334.46 billion dollars and imported products worth a total of 272.7 billion dollars, a surplus of $61.76 billion.

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