Najib Refaïf publishes his new novel "Little Moroccan Mythologies"

Journalist and columnist Najib Refaïf has just published his new novel “Small Moroccan Mythologies” with La Croisée des Chemins.

According to the publishing house, this 168-page work “reveals the recesses and edges of Moroccan culture, inviting readers to go through the hidden myths that festoon our beautiful traditions and whose profane meaning we often ignore”.

In this sense, the editions of La Croisée des Chemins give the example of circumcision, of the Eid sheep, among other traditions cited in the novel and which are “consubstantial with our identities, of rites, fascinating for a whole generation of sociologists and writers.

“Of these myths, described simply as +small+ by the author, Najib Refaïf takes pleasure in revealing to us the eminently anthropological, commonly mimetic, or sadly bigoted meaning, without missing the opportunity to dress the most worn-out traditionalism with which our society is sometimes embarrassed”, continues the publishing house, considering that the reading of these little Moroccan myths is as much about the pleasure of the text as the text of pleasure.

Journalist and columnist in various press organs, Najib Refaïf has held several positions including that of director of fiction at 2M and also wrote the screenplay for the short film Regards volants, directed by Mohamed Abderrahmane Tazi.

Refaïf also has several books to his credit, notably the book “Boujaad, space and memory” published in 1996, his memoirs published in Carte de presse N°78 as well as several texts on Moroccan painters.

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