Morocco will decide on Wednesday on its participation in CHAN in Algeria

After demanding the opening of airspace from Morocco to Algeria to be able to transport national players participating in CHAN, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) is expected to announce its decision on Wednesday.

The FRMF had seized the CAF which organizes the competition of local players to request the opening of the Algerian airspace (closed by Algeria with the unilateral rupture of diplomatic relations).

This requirement of the FRMF with the CAF is explained by the presence of a clause which must allow the teams to carry out non-stop flights to the host country. Except that Algeria has not only closed its airspace but also prohibited planes registered in Morocco or coming from the Kingdom from flying over its territory.

Thus, Algeria would like the Moroccan team, champion of the last two editions of CHAN, to go to Tunisia, and take a Tunisair plane to then go to Algeria. The other option put forward by Algiers was for the national team to arrive in Algeria on board a Tunisian plane and not a Moroccan one.

CAF contacted the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) to respond to the Moroccan request. The Algerian Minister of Sports had promised an answer within 24 hours before retracting without an official answer being known.

In the absence of official communication channels between Morocco and Algeria, it is up to CAF to respond, except that on Tuesday January 10, 3 days before the start of the competition, the FRMF is waiting always a response from the African confederation.

A source close to the matter revealed to Hesport that CAF has a deadline to give its answer. The latter ends Tuesday at midnight. At the end of this deadline on Wednesday, “we will make a decision” concerning the participation of the Moroccan team in CHAN.

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