Morocco, a neighbor and a strategic partner for Spain and Europe

Morocco is a neighbor and a strategic partner for Spain and Europe, said Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, on Friday, stressing that Spain, Europe and Morocco ”share vital interests”.

”Morocco is a neighbor and a strategic partner for Spain and Europe. Among other things, we share with Morocco the management and channeling of illegal immigration, the fight against jihadism, the commitment to co-development and an interest in Africa.noted Albares in an interview with Spanish national radio Rne.

The head of Spanish diplomacy pointed out that “without Morocco’s cooperation, Spain and Europe cannot dismantle jihadist cells and stop terrorists”.

Furthermore, Albares indicated that the next Morocco/Spain High Level Meeting ”will be a very important moment” in relations between the two countries, ensuring that Rabat and Madrid ”have started a new phase with much more solid foundations”.

”We have many vital interests that need to be jointly managed. The High Level Meeting is part of the Hispano-Moroccan roadmap adopted last April, on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sánchez to Morocco”he recalled, specifying that, since then, all the bilateral working groups have been set up.

Trade between the two countries increased by 31% to almost 10 billion euros, making Morocco Spain’s main trading partner outside the EU, excluding the United States and the United Kingdom, supported Albares.

In addition, he continued, all the migratory routes from Africa to Europe have experienced a notable growth, between 60 and 150%, while those arriving in Spain have decreased by 30% thanks to to the collaboration of Morocco.

On the basis of the new roadmap, the two countries are committed, among other things, to dealing with subjects of common interest in a “spirit of trust and consultation”, while reactivating the working groups created between the two countries to relaunch multisectoral bilateral cooperation.

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