Morocco is committed to a dynamic sustainable energy strategy

Morocco has been committed over the past two decades to a very ambitious sustainable energy strategy which is based on an implementation framework with a strong dynamic of deployment and consolidation, underlined, on Friday in Dakhla, the Minister of Energy transition and sustainable development, Leila Benali.

Speaking at the opening of the 2nd Dakhla-Oued Eddahab sustainable regional caravan, initiated by the Renewable Energy Cluster (EnR) and placed under the theme “Promotion and awareness of the adoption of clean technologies and the development of green projects”, Leila Benali indicated that a series of legislative and regulatory reforms have been initiated to support this ambition and promote the business climate.

She explained during this event, organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in partnership with the Regional Investment Center of Dakhla-Oued-Eddahab and with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Regional Council, the African Chamber of Commerce and Services and the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), that these reforms aim to further strengthen transparency, improve authorization procedures and speed up the emergence of an integrated national renewable energy ecosystem.

She has, in this sense, put forward the two bills voted this week in the Chamber of Councilors relating to renewable energies and the self-production of electrical energy, which represent, according to her, a major regulatory advance.

“The success of our energy transition is dependent on the establishment of a unifying framework”, noted Leila Benali, adding that her department is in the process of developing a strategy called “the National Strategy for Sustainable Development” (SNDD ).

“As a unifying framework, this strategy will allow the convergence of sectoral policies towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the adoption of the decarbonized economy as an integral vector of national development,” she explained.

The SNDD is currently being redesigned in order to promote sustainable growth reconciling prosperity and preservation of the environment and adopting personalized approaches specific to each region for inclusive, balanced and sustainable development, specified the Minister.

The sustainable regional caravan is an event that aims to raise awareness of energy issues and the importance of sustainable development of territories for the socio-economic growth of the Kingdom.

It also aims to raise potential customers’ awareness of the adoption of renewable energy technologies, promote the members of the Cluster and their solutions, strengthen the skills of installers in each region through appropriate training (sales techniques, technological sales pitches). commercial, etc.), facilitate networking between installers or developers of ENR solutions and potential customers, and inform installers and customers of green financing mechanisms and tools.

The sustainable regional caravan is an opportunity to bring together more than a hundred economic operators, namely the main industrial units, hotel operators and farmers in the territory, in order to raise their awareness of the adoption of energy efficiency solutions. , ENR and other clean technologies according to their needs, putting them in touch with suppliers of renewable energy solutions and in particular the members of the ENR Cluster, and informing them about new developments in the regulatory framework for the sector and the green financing offers available on the market.

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