More than 23 million people now affiliated with the CNSS

The head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, informed, this Tuesday in the House of Councilors, on the progress of the site of medical and social coverage in the Kingdom.

In this regard, he indicated that the overall number of people insured by the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) increased from 7.8 million people to more than 23.2 million, in the space of one year, with the membership of 3.6 million salaried workers and their dependents and 9.4 million beneficiaries of AMO-Tadamon.

Akhannouch, on the occasion, recalled the efforts made by the government to create a new dynamic of development, in which the citizen is the main concern of the social action of the State, the objective being to guarantee the success of the social protection project in its integrated sense by assimilating it to a human right and to a development policy that aims for economic take-off.

According to the Chief Executive, “social protection has been repositioned at the heart of public policies, being the cornerstone of any social contract aimed at ensuring fairness to citizens and preserving their dignity”, because, he continued, “this project is also a system of social rights that protects the existence of the citizen from the vicissitudes of life, and during the periods of vulnerability to which he is exposed in his life, and from facing all the risks that could threaten his security. and its cohesion“.

In addition, Akhannouch did not fail to highlight the efforts made by the CNSS, which had to:

– Strengthen its human resources through 1,400 recruitments over the past year;
-Implement a new training plan for administrative staff,
-Create a center for processing the files of self-employed workers,
– Conclude partnerships with local and mediation institutions that will carry out the missions of identifying categories of self-employed workers and transferring their personal data to the CNSS,
– Open 47 new local branches and launch 45 mobile branches,
– Create 8,000 communication centers to register new self-employed workers,
– Create 2,000 contact points to receive compulsory health insurance files,
– Create 4,000 local agencies dedicated to the payment of membership fees.

He also explained that in order to improve the governance and performance of the various social support programs, the government has begun to deploy targeting registers, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 72.18 establishing a mechanism for targeting beneficiaries. social support programs overseen by public administrations, local authorities and public bodies.

“This new approach in the management of support programs for low-income families comes in application of royal directives which have emphasized the urgency of restructuring the social offer of support programs, through a real reform of schemes and social programs currently in force, in order to lay the groundwork for a new path in social action, based on quality, greater precision in the development of programs, the generalization of monitoring and evaluation procedures for impact, spurring innovation and achieving results,” he noted.

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