Medical coverage, government support, the Interior opens dialogue with small taxis

Thus, the professionals reject Circular No. 750 of the Ministry of the Interior, stipulating that the vehicle is authorized to be operated after the death of the license holder for a period of six months, with the definitive withdrawal of the operating permit. and the prohibition of circulation if the heirs of the owner do not agree on the fate of the permit.

In addition, the ministry has set a condition for the operator of the vehicle to continue to operate the license of the deceased owner. A request to this effect must be presented and a prior commitment to immediately withdraw the vehicle from use as a taxi, in the event that the temporary authorization decision is canceled or after the expiry of its six-month period, and in case of rejection of the transfer requests submitted.

The administrative license governing the use of a taxi license stipulates that the beneficiary may not sell, transfer or assign it to another person with or without compensation. And it remains subject to withdrawal or cancellation by the competent department whenever it sees fit.

In addition to the controversy over the operating frequency of the license, professionals complain about the government subsidy linked to the rise in fuel prices, believing that it does not meet the aspirations and needs of taxi drivers, and refuse its current format.

The National Secretary General of the Democratic Organization for Transport and Logistics (ODTL), Mustapha Chaoune, indicated that the dialogue with the Ministry of the Interior will address the issue of fuels and the new circulars from the Ministry of Interior, as well as the problems experienced by the construction site of the generalization of compulsory health coverage, noting that despite the availability of decrees, the implementation is slow in coming.

Indeed, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNewsChaoune raised the issue of the database of taxi drivers, which has not been updated for years according to him, noting that even many professionals are unable to benefit from medical coverage in reason because they do not have the professional card (which is seriously behind schedule), the professional contribution or the self-employed status.

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