Med V University of Rabat tops the "AD Scientific Index" ranking

The Mohammed V University of Rabat tops the ranking of national universities for scientific research, precise innovation and rigorous publication, while it ranked third regionally. This was revealed by the AD scientific index for the year 2023.

Thus, the scientific index also revealed that the University Mohammed I of Oujda ranks second at the national level, with a rate of 17 professors emeritus in scientific research and refereed publication, while the University was ranked 231 at the regional level.

In third place in this same ranking, we find the interdisciplinary University Mohammed VI in terms of ” scientific performance and added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists”. Moreover, the ranking praised the scientific characteristics of its affiliated scientists.

At the continental level, Moroccan universities were absent from international rankings. South African and Egyptian universities dominated the top ten, while Mohammed V University in Rabat ranks 13th.

The international ranking has also looked at the development of scientific performance within Moroccan universities, since the precise and exact publication no longer concerns only certain specific sciences, but has opened up to precise knowledge such as nuclear sciences. and applied physics.

The rankings are based on three main factors: the index ” H », the index « i10 ” and the ” number of public citations “.

The index ” H is a metric for authors that measures the citation productivity and impact of their publications, based on a collection of the world’s most-cited research articles.

As for the i10 index, it measures the number of publications with at least 10 citations from scientific research by Google.

The results indicate that Morocco has risen to the fore as a scientific and academic powerhouse, with more Moroccan universities entering international rankings.

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