Mauritanian press attacks Algeria for "diplomatic stupidity"

The anger of the Mauritanian media does not subside following the publicationMonday 16 January, of a press release from the Algerian Embassy in Nouakchott, in which the Algerian diplomatic services accuse a number of Mauritanian newspapers of favoring a country ” hostile “ and attack the strategic cooperation between Algeria and Mauritania.

In its press release, the Algerian Embassy in Nouakchott attacked Mauritanian news sites, described as ” dastardly media gang”. An accusation that was not to the liking of Mauritanian journalists who denounced what they described as a clear attempt by the Algerian embassy to “involve Nouakchott in imaginary conflicts“.

The press release from the Algerian embassy points out that Mauritanian news sites and their journalists are sellouts recruited via ” visas, leisure trips, advertising, bribery and (money) envelopes” , and ” therefore have no credibility or influence on public opinion“.

The diplomatic representation also says it is “certain” that those it qualifies as ” mercenaries of the pen, will redouble ” evil and hatred when construction work on the road to Tindouf begins“.

In this context, Mauritanian journalists warned, in a press release, against an Algerian scheme which began “ with the press, and will perhaps go tomorrow to officials and or even ministers“, before insisting on the fact that the accusations of the Embassy of Algeria must “ be discarded and arrested to prevent their recurrence”.

Mauritanian journalists thus expressed their surprise that the Algerian embassy had underestimated their country to the point of issuing orders addressed to the Mauritanian authorities. In this regard, they affirmed that the statement of the Algerian Embassy ” is one of the most stupid and childish in the history of diplomacy, but also the most dangerous“.

“It is clear that Algeria, which has been under the control of army generals for decades, does not understand that Mauritania is superior to it in terms of press and media freedom, freedom of expression and respect for difference and the opinion of others. These are things that cannot be bought, but acquired, and that Mauritanians have won through their long struggle against oppression, authoritarianism, dictatorship and imprisonment.“, pleaded the Mauritanian journalists.

They also considered that the statement by the Algerian embassy constitutes an attempt to ” control, despise and enslave the Mauritanian press, to serve its political agenda while being funny and pitiful, except that it reveals another aspect of the work of this embassy, ​​which arouses fear and anxiety and calls on our part to greater caution“.

However, Mauritanian journalists claimed that they ” respect the proud people of Algeria, because of their blood and kinship ties, their history and their common destiny“.

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