Maternity Les Orangers faced with the lack of resources which threatens the lives of patients

The members of the CHU Ibn Sina trade union office, belonging to the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT), organized a sit-in on Thursday 5 January in front of the Orangers Maternity and Reproductive Health Hospital in order to denounce the poor management of the center and the measures taken that could endanger the lives of pregnant women, premature babies and newborns.

The medical staff of the Orangers Maternity and Reproductive Health Hospital, including midwives and general nurses, decided to demonstrate against a series of “bad decisions” made by the management of the Hospital, threatening to a share in the lives of patients and their offspring as well as their careers, by carrying out deliveries, in particular by caesarean section, without the minimum basic conditions being met.

Thus, the health body complains in particular about the absence of a resuscitation service for pregnant women, premature babies and newborns, in addition to the absence of a service specifically dedicated to newborns. UMT members revealed that the hospital does not have a pediatrician or neonatal nurses, noting that doctors specializing in resuscitation and anesthesia are also absent during weekends and public holidays, and also during night shifts which could lead to the emergence of dangerous situations.

It’s not ! Trade unionists have revealed that on December 23, 2022, the director of the hospital again issued a random memorandum, which does not comply with current laws, regarding the support of midwives and nurses to newborns and to premature babies at the children’s hospital. It is located 5 km from the center of Les Orangers.

For Raghai Khaoula, a midwife working in the hospital in question, this event is taking place for several reasons, but the main one is that the nurses ” categorically refuse to transfer the babies since we encounter a lot of problems during this accompaniment“.

She explains, in a statement to MoroccoLatestNews UK, that they ” are not really qualified persons to carry out this transfer since it is outside their field of intervention or specialty. Raghai continues: “ there are many people who can do the transfer such as the pediatrician and the neonatal resuscitator, if they are absent, the intern is qualified to do it, otherwise it is the medical student or the childcare nurse and the midwife does not normally have the right to leave her service“.

According to the nurses and trade unionists contacted by MoroccoLatestNews, the situation within the hospital is getting worse and worse. The latter affirmed that the rooms are not equipped to fully take care of the patients, which could really put their lives in danger, as well as the number of incubators which seem to be insufficient, in addition to the ambulances which “are rather simple means of transport and have nothing to do with their name”.

Indeed, the demonstrators are very angry and feel compelled to make their voices heard to reveal the “horrible secrets” of the Hospital, supposed to be a safe place for pregnant women and their babies.

As a result, the demonstrators demand the immediate retraction of the memorandum issued by the Director of the hospital relating to medical transport and to hold him fully responsible in the face of the persistence of the aforementioned imbalances and demand that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection opens an urgent investigation.

In particular, they ask that the Orangers Maternity Hospital be attached to the Souissi Maternity Hospital, given that it has the essential resources and working conditions, while entrusting the Orangers Hospital with the sole mission of on reproductive health and diagnosis.

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