Koran burnt in Stockholm: The Superior Council of Ulemas denounces this crime in the most virulent terms

The Superior Council of Ulemas, chaired by Amir Al-Mouminine, King Mohammed VI, denounced on Sunday the crime of Swedish extremists who burned the Holy Koran on Saturday in Stockholm.

Here is the full Council statement issued on Sunday in this regard: “After learning that extremists burned the Holy Quran in the Swedish capital, the Superior Council of Ulemas, chaired by Amir Al-Mouminine, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God glorify Him, announces the following:

1 – Denounces this crime in the strongest terms;

2 – Considers the act of burning the Holy Quran as an aggression originating from ignorance of the ideal human values ​​carried by the Holy Quran;

3 – Denounces the complicity that would have accompanied this act in any way whatsoever;

4 – Says he is very surprised that this heinous act took place in a country which calls for the principles of peace and coexistence in the world;

5 – Considers that this crime offends Muslims and hurts their feelings;

6 – Considers that this crime remains unjustifiable;

On the basis of all these considerations, the Superior Council of Ulema plans to take measures which will show the sages of the whole world that this heinous act comes from ignorance, the destructive effects of which must be minimized thanks to cooperation between enlightened people. »

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