Holding of the Board of Directors of the Moroccan Pension Fund

Holding of the Board of Directors of the Moroccan Pension Fund

Nadia Fettah, Minister of Economy and Finance, chaired on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Moroccan Pension Fund.

In her opening address, the Chairman of the meeting thanked the members of the Board and its governance bodies for the support provided to the Caisse in the implementation of its strategic action plan and the improvement of its performance. which contributes to the strengthening of its system of governance, in particular after its transition to support control.

With regard to the overall reform of pension schemes, the Minister reiterated the Government’s commitment to accelerate the implementation of this project in consultation with the social and economic partners with the aim of ensuring continuity and sustainability. the financial balance of the schemes and the preservation of the rights of members and retirees. She also recalled the new measure, adopted within the framework of the 2023 finance law, relating to the increase in the flat-rate abatement rate from 60% to 70%. This measure has the effect of improving the pensions of 171,000 beneficiaries.

The Board also welcomed the positive indicators linked to the results of the Fund’s action plan and the program contract concluded with the State, which has enabled the improvement of its performance and the quality of its services.

After reviewing the items on the agenda for this session, the Board of Directors approved the CMR’s budget and action plan for 2023 as well as all the draft decisions submitted to it. presented.

The work of this session ended with the reading of a message of loyalty and fidelity to King Mohamed VI.

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