Global AI Readiness Index: Morocco Ranked 87th

Oxford Insights ranked Morocco 87th in the world and 13th in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with a score of 41.31, in its report called the “Government Preparedness Index for IA” for the year 2022.

According to Oxford Insights, a company founded to help governments around the world increase their impact, many governments are looking to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their operations and public service delivery.

AI is often used with the aim of improving the efficiency of service delivery, ensuring fairer access to services and improving citizens’ experience of services, the London-based company says.

However, ” it is unclear what are the foundations needed for a government to be able to integrate AI into services and, beyond that, what it takes for AI to then be used in the government of efficient and responsible way“, say the authors of the study.

The Oxford Insights Index “ Government AI Readiness Index 2022 ranked a total of 181 countries by measuring 39 indicators across 10 dimensions, and 3 pillars, including “Government”, “Technology Sector”, and “Data and Infrastructure”.

According to the report, Morocco is ranked 87th globally with a score of 41.31 out of 100. It is also ranked 13th in the MENA region, after Iran (45.30/100) and before Algeria (35.33/100). However, the Kingdom is considered a good student with regard to the “Infrastructure and data” pillar, obtaining a score of 55.13. On the other hand, he scored poor marks in the two remaining pillars, the average of which is only 34 out of 100 for each of the two.

Israel, for its part, is the country dominating the ranking with a score of 70.12, largely thanks to its score in the technology sector pillar, which is well above that of other countries in the MENA region and in the world, followed by the United Arab Emirates (68.54/100), Qatar (62.37/100) then by Saudi Arabia.

The document notes that there is a significant gap in scores between the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, whose averages are respectively 51.14 and 38.59. However, Egypt and Tunisia managed to surpass their North African neighbors to rank among the top ten in the region. Egypt (65th in the world) achieved this thanks to their performances in the “ Government“, while Tunisia (70th in the world) was able to obtain good results in the pillar “ Data and infrastructure“.

As for the world leaders, the United States tops the index, while the state of Singapore tops the list in two of the three pillars. In addition, the report reveals that on the regional upheaval track, it was found, for the first time, that Western European countries accounted for less than half of the top ten countries, while three East Asian countries East occupy the top ten places.

On the government pillar, Oxford Insights reported that middle-income countries dominate AI strategy work. On the tech side, the company noted that AI skills are global, with future developers emerging in a diverse set of countries, while changes to the Data and Infrastructure pillar expose governments playing an active role. in supporting data availability and place three East Asian countries at the top of this dimension.

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